A verse (or -verse) is a collection of interacting objects, typically the totality of all interacting objects under some scope and that form a structure. They are usually composed by several common types of things like dimensions, usually spacial and/or temporal, inside which matter and energy can exist and which have their interactions ruled by some laws of physics. These things are called the verse components.

Verses can contain smaller verses, and they can also be contained by larger verses. Verses that contain smaller verses usually have those instead of clusters of matter but it is also possible for them to have both things inside them.

Depending on how interaction is considered, verses can be found over a large scale. Universes are the smallest, consisting only of connected patches of spacetime, and these make up Multiverses, which are all possible universes under some constraints, and so on, more generally, up to Omniverses and beyond.

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Hyperbolic space

$ \mathbb H^{n} $

Hyperbolic plane

$ \mathbb H^{2} $

Hyperbolic realm

$ \mathbb H^{3} $

Hyperbolic flune

$ \mathbb H^{4} $

Hyperbolic pentrealm

$ \mathbb H^{5} $

Hyperbolic hexealm

$ \mathbb H^{6} $

Hyperbolic heptealm

$ \mathbb H^{7} $

Hyperbolic octealm

$ \mathbb H^{8} $

Hyperbolic ennealm

$ \mathbb H^{9} $

Hyperbolic decealm

$ \mathbb H^{10} $

... Hyperbolic omegealm

$ \mathbb H^{\aleph_0} $

Euclidean space

$ \mathbb R^{n} $


$ \mathbb R^{0} $

Euclidean line

$ \mathbb R^{1} $

Euclidean plane

$ \mathbb R^{2} $

Euclidean realm

$ \mathbb R^{3} $

Euclidean flune

$ \mathbb R^{4} $

Euclidean pentrealm

$ \mathbb R^{5} $

Euclidean hexealm

$ \mathbb R^{6} $

Euclidean heptealm

$ \mathbb R^{7} $

Euclidean octealm

$ \mathbb R^{8} $

Euclidean ennealm

$ \mathbb R^{9} $

Euclidean decealm

$ \mathbb R^{10} $

... Euclidean omegealm

$ \mathbb R^{\aleph_0} $


$ \mathbb S^{n} $

Point pair

$ \mathbb S^{0} $


$ \mathbb S^{1} $


$ \mathbb S^{2} $


$ \mathbb S^{3} $


$ \mathbb S^{4} $


$ \mathbb S^{5} $


$ \mathbb S^{6} $


$ \mathbb S^{7} $


$ \mathbb S^{8} $


$ \mathbb S^{9} $


$ \mathbb S^{10} $

... Omegasphere

$ \mathbb S^{\aleph_0} $

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