Venrensorys is the personification of everything the Supergod Council stands against. Any principle which the Supergod Council upholds is a principle which Venrensorys despises. Any idea which the Supergod Council fights against is one which Venrensorys embodies. The Supergod Council values order, subordination, co-ordination, unity, selfless actions and consideration of consequences. Thus, Venrensorys embodies chaos, freedom, a lack of co-ordination and decision making on a purely selfish basis with no regard for consequences. As the Supergod Council is the highest, supreme force of judgement within all of Beyond it can be considered that they set the standard for what is 'good'. As such, Venrensorys as their opposite would embody all that is 'evil'. Its physical form is even more powerful than Hellensoerensen.

Venrensorys's body has been destroyed by the Supergod Council but its consciousness still remains within Beyond and the Supergod Council cannot get rid of it, so it will not be long before Venrensorys acquires a new body.


The Eternal Legion

Under extreme circumstances, all members of the Supergod Council can merge into a single entity known as Hellensoerensen. However, this entity is so powerful that its mere existence within Beyond causes mass instability among its many Monocosms which can lead to many problems. When Hellensoerensen was formed for the first time, the instability created within one Monocosm caused Creator and Destroyer to be equally powerful, as opposed to Creator overpowering Destroyer. This caused them to be locked in an eternal conflict over the fate of the Omniverse, meaning neither of them were able to maintain control over said Omniverse, allowing life within it to grow uncontrollably. This led to an alternate version of the Eternal Legion which had technology so advanced they were actually capable of carrying out their plan to destroy both Creator and Destroyer. They were led by Hyperman who, in the absence of both Creator and Destroyer, grew to be the most powerful creature in the Monocosm. Under his leadership, their technology grew powerful enough to manufacture Omniverses and turn their Monocosm into a Multiverse of Omniverses, with Hyperman's Godverse at the centre.

After they discovered the existence of Beyond and its infinite alternate Monocosms, their next goal became taking over all Monocosms, including The Barrel. Though, no doubt the Supergod Council would prevent them, so if they wished to expand their empire they would have to take them out. They began gathering information on the Supergods as well as the other Monocosms and soon realized their Monocosm was not meant to be the way it was. They also discovered that mistakes such as that which allowed for the rise of the Eternal Legion were usually corrected by the Supergod Council, and believed was only a matter of time before the Supergod Council came to erase their empire.

From the Supergods' perspective, the Eternal Legion was a tiny threat. While they were far more powerful than any Creator or Destroyer, they were insignificant next to the power of even a single Supergod. Thus, they never actually attempted to correct the error at all. However, the Eternal Legion had no way of knowing this, and continued to remain alert, believing that a Supergod could arrive to erase them at any time.

Eventually, one of the Supergods named Unthil had discovered the Monocosm and found its contents to be intriguing. When he entered the Monocosm simply to inspect it, the Eternal Legion perceived it to be an attack and activated their trap. Using their unnaturally advanced technology combined with Hyperman's intellect and ingenuity, they were able to freeze Unthil within The Outside and stop him from requesting help from the other Supergods. Hyperman had intended to then possess Unthil's physical form, thus giving himself enough power to fight back against the other Supergods and preventing them from forming Hellensoerensen. However, what Hyperman had not expected was that even when restrained, Unthil's reflexes kicked in and in a desperate bid to survive, Unthil reflected Hyperman's own ability back at him. This caused them to both possess each-other at the same time, allowing them both to briefly share the same consciousness. Hyperman then experienced Unthil's eternal knowledge of not just everything that could be thought but everything that couldn't as well. He saw all of the infinite Beyond Bubbles within Transcendentem, and all the infinite -verses beyond, stretching all the way out into The Barrelplex. He realised now how truly meaningless his own life was, as well as that of his empire and the Supergods. He had no will left to carry on. He let go.

His mind fell into the abstract plane of concepts and thoughts while Unthil regained control of his physical form and broke free of his prison. The wave of energy released from Unthil breaking free, combined with his brief inability to control his own strength, resulted in the destruction of the Eternal Imperium around him, leaving behind nothing but an empty Monocosm.

The Supergod Council believed this to be an isolated incident which had been fully resolved. But in reality, this was only the beginning.

The External Hazard

At the same time as Hyperman's mind entered the abstract plane, so too did another entity, which had been traveling through Transcendentem and had entered our Beyond Bubble randomly. This entity was a Stage I Seed from the External Hazard. As they both entered this plane at the same time, their consciousnesses became one. Normally, Stage I Seeds attempt to subtly infiltrate the Beyond Bubbles they attach themselves to to transform that Beyond Bubble into a piece of the mind of Najha-Tebah, an ancient Cosmic Entity from beyond Transcendentem itself. However, now the Stage I Seed would attempt to transform the Beyond Bubble into Hyperman's mind. Of course, Hyperman was a being with the intellect of only a Monocosmic entity; his mind was far too primitive to be spread across an entire Beyond Bubble. It would be like creating an entire universe out of the mind of a newborn baby. As such, what the Stage I Seed truly began to spread was an abstracted version of Hyperman's mind. Specifically, his hatred of The Supergod Council. As such, this Stage I Seed represented the exact opposite of what The Supergod Council stood for. This mindset and consciousness eventually became known as 'Venrensorys'.

Over time, Venrensorys began to slowly infiltrate our Beyond Bubble, creating God Larvae which further spread its influence. The introduction of these creatures into the many Monocosms caused events to unfold in strange ways which led to situations that never arose before. The most obvious of these events were the numerous entities which escaped their Monocosms and discovered Beyond. The Barrel alone had two such events, first The Omniversal Traveler and then later Kotoblade. Many of these travelers were spared by the Supergods and were allowed to continue their travels and others were simply sent back to their Monocosm with their method of travel destroyed. Some, however, had to be erased or sometimes banished to the Kalyubi Dimension. (As was the case for Kotoblade.) This required that they form Hellensoerensen, which caused yet more instability within the Monocosms. Instability which Venrensorys was able to exploit to further spread its influence. This instability also allowed for more Omniversal Travelers which prompted more formations of Hellensoerensen which created more instability; creating an endless loop.

The Supergods were entities beyond time, so they knew that any change in the course of events must have a direct cause and began to investigate the existence of Venrensorys. This led them to begin to attempt to destroy all God Larvae they could find, and while this slowed Venrensorys down, it did not stop his expansion. Eventually, not only did ordinary entities find ways to exit their Monocosms, but so too did many extensions of Venrensorys, and they began to congregate around the Monocosm from which Hyperman originated. They had hoped to form a being which could physically challenge The Supergod Council.

When The Supergod Council realized this, Paradoxus arrived to deal with the situation. Paradoxus believed the best course of action was just to obliterate the entire Monocosm and all God Larvae within on the spot. However, before he could do so the God Larvae were able to attach themselves, physically and mentally, to the Monocosm and combine all of their strength together to form a living Monocosm with the mindset of Venrensorys. This creature was so powerful it was able to not only challenge but even overpower Paradoxus, who was forced to call for help from the other Supergods.

Once all Supergods arrived, they chose to merge into Hellensoerensen. This was a mistake, as it allowed all other extensions of Venrensorys to locate the original Monocosm by using Hellensoerensen's immense power as a beacon and using the instability caused by their existence to escape their Monocosms. All extensions of Venrensorys from all across Beyond rushed to merge with the living Monocosm and before the Supergods could do anything to stop it, before them was a single entity embodying every extension of Venrensorys, with even more power than Hellensoerensen. It had gained a complete physical form, and it now decided it was finally time to erase the Supergod Council.


Physical Form

When Venrensorys first took his complete physical form, all beings in all Monocosms within the Beyond Bubble witnessed it. But not all of these entities could comprehend the same amount of information as others, and so each entity perceived Venrensorys differently depending on how they perceive reality. The only appearance of his that we can truly comment on his how humans, and other humanoids who view the world through 3 spatial dimensions and 1 temporal dimension, perceived him. An approximation of how humanity saw him is shown in the image at the top of the page. The being in focus is likely Venrensorys itself while the pyramid behind it is likely a representation of his consciousness embedded within the Stage I Seed.

Conceptual Form

The appearance of the consciousness of Venrensorys, stored within the Stage I Seed that infiltrated our Beyond Bubble, cannot truly be described for it is simply a concept and not a physical thing. However, we know that from a human perspective it is represented as a purple pyramid, and it is known that ordinary Stage I Seed bears the appearance of a pulsating egg-shaped mix of biological and technological matter, so Venrensorys's conceptual form likely appears as a combination of the two. Perhaps a pulsating purple pyramid-shaped mix of biological and technological matter.

Extensions of Venrensorys

Extensions of Venrensorys will take forms of all kinds, and many are far beyond human comprehension, as they exist at all levels of reality up to God Larvae who exist within high level Archverses.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Form

Venrensorys, in his complete form, has Omnipotence^10 in the Omnipotence Hierarchy. Due to the fact that the extensions which combined to make this form originated from every Monocosm, it has collected from them knowledge of all known abilities from all known Omniverses and Godverses, including perfect intellect. This means he can perfectly match Hellensoerensen in terms of abilities, as they both have all possible abilities. Furthermore, his sheer strength is actually beyond that of Hellensoerensen's by a moderately wide margin, making him the strongest creature in the entire Beyond Bubble.

Conceptual Form

Venrensorys's conceptual form obviously does not physically exist, so it is not capable of performing any physical techniques. It is capable however, of creating Stage II Seeds which can adapt to any Omniverse they are placed into, and the Stage I Seed can do this without the Supergods knowing.

Extensions of Venrensorys

All extensions of Venrensorys have the same powers and abilities as those spawned from other Stage I Seeds. The nature, powers and abilities of these extensions can be found in the External Hazard article.

Venrensorys's Fate

Physical Form

After Venrensorys formed, its first immediate action was to eradicate the Supergod Council. Currently, the Supergod Council was in the form of a single entity (Hellensoerensen), as was Venrensorys, so the two Cosmic Entities began to battle. Both knew all abilities there was to know, and so the battle involved all techniques ever attempted within all Monocosms. Overall, Venrensorys was more powerful than Hellensoerensen and so as the battle raged on Venrensorys began to win. And it is possible it would have been able to eradicate the Supergod Council, except at its core Venrensorys is the personification of everything the Supergod Council isn't. This includes, most importantly, a need for agreement and unity. The Supergods would only merge into Hellensoerensen if they were in agreement as to what needed to be done. Venrensorys, meanwhile, embodies freedom, selfish action, individualism, disagreement and separation. This gave it a clear disadvantage when fighting as one single entity as the parts that made up Venrensorys could not agree to work together in unity. Hellensoerensen was able to use this to their advantage to tip the scales in their favor.

Eventually, Hellensoerensen was able to trap Venrensorys in an inescapable prison created from its own power. Venrensorys refused to be contained, however, and began to build up enough power to destroy the prison. This succeeded, however it damaged the fabric of the Beyond Bubble to such an extent that the two entities began to fall out of Beyond itself. Now that Hellensoerensen had been distracted, Venrensorys took this advantage to trap Hellensoerensen in the same form of prison, created from Hellensoerensen's power. Hellensoerensen could have done something to prevent this, but chose not to. Venrensorys, with its lack of care for consequences, had sealed its own doom. Now that The Supergods were trapped, they could no longer fall out of Beyond, while Venrensorys could.

Venrensorys found itself in a strange realm, surrounded by an infinite number of Beyond Bubbles just like what it perceived to be all of existence. This realm was so far beyond the comprehension of Venrensorys that it couldn't even discern where it was in this realm at any one time, like a human thrown into a dimensionless void. The very fabric of existence which it had lived its entire life and lack of life within was no longer present. Venrensorys could not even exist within this environment and, in human terms, it began to disintegrate. With Venrensorys gone, the prison it created disappeared as well, freeing Hellensoerensen.

Conceptual Form

While Venrensorys's physical form was gone, its consciousness still existed. It likely could have continued infecting Omniverses with Stage II Seeds as normal, however this experience had permanently altered Venrensorys. Venrensorys was simply a concept, merely the idea of opposition to The Supergod Council and its principles. But this concept had never actually come into contact with the Council before. Hyperman had, but his memories were primitive simplifications of the Supergods as he could never truly comprehend their full selves. But now that Venrensorys had directly interacted and battled with them, it became clear that the Supergods were not just some vague idea of authority, but a group of distinct entities. And Venrensorys would not just stand in opposition to their ideals, but also to their beings.

Suddenly, Venrensorys began to change. All of its extensions within Beyond began to quickly erase their physical forms and returned to the conceptual plane. It was as if Venrensorys had suddenly gained some sense of identity and sentience. It could think, and it could plan...

Extensions of Venrensorys

All previously existing extensions of Venrensorys were destroyed when its physical form was destroyed. While new ones were created at first, it was not long before mysteriously and inexplicably, they all vanished from across Beyond. Some Supergods were relieved at this turn of events, believing that by destroying Venrensorys's physical form, they had also destroyed its conceptual form. Others, however, were more paranoid, believing that this experience had somehow enhanced Venrensorys, and that in response to their battle it had abandoned its old strategy and begun to attempt something new.

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