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  • Wilhelm Oxclade

    There is a science fiction story I read last night that not only reminded me of what this wiki is about, but also might have well been an article on this wiki. The difference is that this story was written far before the internet, and before many more modern discoveries - but the ring of imaginative clarity sounds through the decades, and this ring is none other than He Who Shrunk by Henry Hasse, available for free reading here.

    Now this is one of the best science fiction stories I've ever read, actually, one of the best stories I've ever read! I found it in a collection of sci-fi stories called "ADVENTURES IN TIME AND SPACE" (original copyright 1946) that's over a thousand pages and has many dozens of stories. I recommend it completely to e…

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  • Wilhelm Oxclade

    So in a past blog post I mentioned “why shouldn’t we be able to play a paltry 11:19 rhythm?” - well, that’s been a goal of mine for a few days, and in these blogs posts I will work towards that, and beyond.

    Let me share with you my journey so far.

    Firstly, what is a polyrhythm? Well, a polyrhythm consists of two or more beats which do not share a common factor (one counts as a factor). Familiar beats like 1:4 and 1:2 are not polyrhythms, and are very easy to play.

    For a beat like 2:3 however, it may not be clear at first how to play it. So how do you play it? Simple - since there are 2 beats for every 3 beats, it means we can split up the time it takes a 2:3 rhythm to play one cycle into LCM(2,3), or 6, parts. Then we divide the 6 by 2 and 3 …

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  • Wilhelm Oxclade

    I can feel the hot seething tears

    In my eyes ready to fully give way

    And I think as I have for years

    That the Almighty surely hates me this way

    If only I knew what was wrong!

    But I can not seem to figure it out

    The days pass by, some short, some long

    Yet here I remain in happiness’ drought

    For my thoughts I deserve to die

    Even for my name to be forgotten

    Why does no-one help me - just why?

    Have we not all committed sin?

    I well know my horrible thought

    That encroaches on me every cheery day

    And on darker days gets caught

    In a most frustrating way

    In a most debasing way

    In a most annoying way

    In a most hurtful way

    In a most violent way

    In a most guiltful way

    In this unceasing sort of way

    I well know my horrible thought

    That encroaches on me every single day

    No mat…

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  • Wilhelm Oxclade

    Creating Minds 101

    October 18, 2018 by Wilhelm Oxclade

    How many people here have pets?

    They are no doubt endearing animals, and personally I have a liking to cats (though I have no pets) for their cute faces, playful demeanor, and for the uniqueness of personality among denizens of their species.

    By petting them it seems hours of negative emotions "flow" out of me, and when given the chance to pet an animal I find a marked difference in mood, as do others. I find it incredible people and animals can empathize on some level, and while animals have their limitations, they are incredibly made for sure.

    If you have a pet though, you also no doubt know that they are a lot of work to feed and clean up after, they are annoying and noisy when you wish them not to be, and they will eventually die.

    So what if…

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  • Wilhelm Oxclade

    Aural Aether

    October 18, 2018 by Wilhelm Oxclade

    The Aural Aether (AA) is an infinitely divisible substance capable of conveying all frequencies of sound at equal amplitude regardless of distance; and does so infinitely quickly.

    In Platonic terms, the aural aether is an idealized gaseous sound-medium. Idealized as such it may facilitate any imaginable (and infinite unimaginable) harmonies with perfect clarity and instant transmission.

    If the stars be music, then the transition between a muddled atmosphere obscuring our view to a pristine perspective in outer space is as the transition between ordinary air to facilitate music and the aural aether.

    In a realm composed solely of AA and an instrument of your choice there are an infinite number of musical pieces, many of whose scope and complexity…

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