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    July 17, 2020 by Ubersketch

    Hi, this blog post is the new V&D Discord server since Discord is down.

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    No supergod incest!

    April 2, 2020 by Ubersketch

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    The Great Occult War

    February 15, 2020 by Ubersketch

    The Great Occult War was a war that resulted in the nearly irreversible restructuring of the Omniverse, retroactively erasing its existence. As a result, the Great Occult War never happened in the Omniverse's history ever and, as such, is not considered part of Omniversal history in the traditional sense. The only evidence of its existence is various documents found within powerful ontokinetic fields and devices which do not obey the rules of reality preserved in ontokinetic fields.

    The Great Occult War has been suggested to have started as a conflict between the Eternal Imperium and a group, no longer existing, named the Divine Order. The conflict ended up spanning the entire Barrel, from other parties getting involved due to the actions of …

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    The Wall

    December 23, 2019 by Ubersketch

    The Wall is an archversal megastructure designed and created by many civilizations for protection against external threats.

    The Wall, being built by different civilizations for several purposes, has a complex structure. The Wall is not a simple barrier with an inside and an outside, but also a barrier between verses inside it, dividing not only based on location, but also time, and nearly any other dimensional parameter. For example, one might travel between one megaverse and another, but they might find that they get transported to the inside of The Wall instead, and can only return to their original location. However, if they had waited a certain amount of time, the barrier would simply have disappeared. The Wall appears to be made of holl…

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    1. Containment functions

    So on the Discord, we kinda had a problem of defining "is" and "can". For example, you can have an object that is contained, but you can also have an object that can be contained, but isn't. But theres no hypercosmological metatime. To solve this issue, I created something called a containment function, which simply makes a cosmology be contained. For example:

    • f({})=
    • f(dog)={dog}
    • f(Uncontainable)=Uncontainable

    Uncontainable can't be contained, so the containment function keeps it the same, but the concept dog can be contained, it's just not contained.

    2. Nonexistence

    Let's introduce a new concept: ⊥⁺

    We must first create a new structure: B

    1. B contains everything which is either a cosmology or isn't.
    1. MPR.  (Ignores any paradox…
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