Simple History

A decently powerful cosmic entity who had been releasedd from the Kalyubi Dimension by an Aspect lord after 1 centillion years of training and fighting with other Kalyubi entities. He is as powerful as he is because The Supergod Council was watching a decently large omniverse, when one of its inhabitants thought, "I wish I was all powerful." The council, who was feeling rather mean that century, decided to throw him into the Kalyubi dimension so he could train forever, but a rouge Aspect Lord freed him and everybody else in their local Kalyubi Dimension (Kototblade not included).


He had not grown sour, but instead homesick, as he went back to his home planet in the empire he lived in, which was only inter-planetary (Known as Lixica). After going home, he realised just how strong he was when he accidentally erased his pet rat from existence. He now leads his empire (Known as the Joxino Imperium after his reign began) as a God-king, and this nationstate controls multiple teraverses to this day, grabbing many megaverses every minute. Joxino hopes his empire will soon span the local monocosm, knowing what lay beyond after the aspect lords told him (until he exits his local Altarca (if possible)).

Other Info/Abilities

He still has good intentions for his people, and does not wish to betray the supergod council, but is very imperialist. The deals he makes with his Koto magic are fair and the council feel rather bad about him, but keep him around because he has done nothing terrible on a sclae large enough to upset them, but his power gain worries them. He learned his koto magic from a group of Kalyubi demons who wanted others to become tainted, and Joxino is not very good with his magic, hardly able to use it for combat and only average at dealmaking. His shapeshifting is somewhat limited, his weight not being able to go below 10lbs or above 2 tons.

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