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    The Oof Theorem

    November 10, 2019 by Oofandfoo

    You've heard people wonder: what if the unierse is an atom in a larger universe?

    In this theory, that is taken to the extreme. This suggests that The Box is contained by Cosmic String, what makes up our universe could be more than 10^80 different iterations of "it," for any definition of the word. In order for this theory to work, the shape of the box has to match. The box is then a long, flexible corridor with infitesimally thin rectangle segments, which split into smaller versions by creating rows, they split through collunms, etc. This way, the law of The Box is not different by any means, only how it funcions. It also defends The Box's recognition as the top structure at all times, for if it contains The Box, it is a universe with cosmi…

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  • Oofandfoo


    November 3, 2019 by Oofandfoo

    A element that can be called frail compared to other elements like Kalyubi Glass, but beyond strong to people of earth. It is about 20 times as strong as graphite, and has many special properties- post-Transcendetem Continuum travel, the inability to be erased by omnipotent means (You must split it into particles and rearrange the particles without omnipotent speed), and it's nutritious for many different beings. Both structures and spaceships can be found in up to the lowest level of altarca if they are constructed of this material, which is extremely rare. It can only form from:

    A: A trillion solar mass (or more) black hole's hawking radiation, in which you can find atoms of Norinomum released every 20 years (10-15 atoms anywhere on the s…

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  • Oofandfoo


    October 28, 2019 by Oofandfoo

    A decently powerful cosmic entity who had been releasedd from the Kalyubi Dimension by an Aspect lord after 1 centillion years of training and fighting with other Kalyubi entities. He is as powerful as he is because The Supergod Council was watching a decently large omniverse, when one of its inhabitants thought, "I wish I was all powerful." The council, who was feeling rather mean that century, decided to throw him into the Kalyubi dimension so he could train forever, but a rouge Aspect Lord freed him and everybody else in their local Kalyubi Dimension (Kototblade not included).

    He had not grown sour, but instead homesick, as he went back to his home planet in the empire he lived in, which was only inter-planetary (Known as Lixica). After …

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  • Oofandfoo


    October 23, 2019 by Oofandfoo

    Container of all levels of Parafields, yet still non-exsistent compared to The Box, this is the next step in Pera-cosmology. Some people say it has level Φ(ω) (Veblen function) of Parafield, but this is false. It has the final, truly infinite level of Parafield, not even 0=1 level is true. Any sort of attempt to explain this would completely fail, even trying to explain how much you cannot explain it would melt my mind and yours alike, this is truly gargantuan. It is what cannot be grasped my physical minds, we would have to have omnipotence^ε0 in order to even think about entering an Ingen (singular for Ingena). Our local Ingena is known as The Barrelplexian, no need for a new post.

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  • Oofandfoo

    I made the Parafield page because it contained the Itfield, I feel this is not a delete-worthy page and I deeply apologize for not alerting the V&D community beforehand.


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