It is one of the most destructive forces of nature. Unlike the benevolent Primordial Energy, it instead is a violent, unstable, chaotic energy. Very powerful, but also nigh-uncontrollable: Xalnergy.

Xalnergy (pronounced Zal-nergy) is one of the Five Architectural Energies, and is the rarest in the entire Architecture. It originates from The Chao Umbra, a deep black pit of destruction, chaos and darkness at the bottom of The Multiverse’s center.


Xalnergy is is not found in concentration or abundance anywhere within The Architecture except from The Chao Umbra, its source. Rather, the energy is dispersed all throughout The Architecture in the thinnest veil, present in the smallest traces in every particle of matter. Additionally, Xalnergy can undergo a certain process in which it is crystalized, becoming Xalnite. Xalnite crystals are capable of harming and killing Angels, just as Lux Crystali is capable of harming and killing Xir'algath.

Xalnergy is generally extracted from The Chao Umbra by Xir'algath, using machines similar to an oil refinery tower. Like with the other Architectural energies, this source is infinite and cannot be depleted. In any other case, large samples of Xalnergy have to be derived from areas other than The Chao Umbra using special tools and machines, most of which are destroyed in the process. Needless to say, this is a very raw and unstable energy, unpredictable in nature. But it has many uses, such as powering machines and being used for weapon ammunition.


Xalnergy is most often weaponized by beings when they are bonded with the energy. Xalnergy has a symbiotic property that allows it to bond with an object on a molecular level, or a living host on a cellular level. However, Xalnergy is only compatible with very few beings. Examples of when compatibility is allowed are when a host possesses great physical strength, willpower, or are “worthy” or “destined” to use it. If a host does not match any of these criteria, they become consumed by the Xalnergy and die an extremely painful death of disintegration.

Most beings who wield Xalnergy are capable of creating and blasting Xalnergy beams at their opponents, creating Xalnergy vortexes, performing interdimensional teleportation, and are given super strength and speed. They can also create rifts in time and Space, and bring things out from a certain location or time period. This could even mean bringing back dead people by retrieving them from a point in the past before their death. Beings who are especially powerful or skilled in the use of Xalnergy can create and inhabit pocket dimensions, in which they can create and reinvent the laws of time and physics to their own whims. Essentially, they become godlike in this realm, and anyone who finds themselves in one of these pocket dimensions are at the mercy of its creator.

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