The id, or InterDimensionals, are one of The Five Architecural Races, and are a group of beings that have existed since the creation of The Architecture. Being more abstract than the other four races, they all associate their individual identities with a concept or an aspect of civilization, such as dreams or nightmares, truth and lies, predictability and unpredictability, kindness and meanness, etc. These concepts are a literal part of the id, and are the due reason for their given titles.

A mortal encounter with them is like seeing a myth become reality, because such an occurrence is extremely rare. However, they do appear more frequently to other Multiversal beings and cosmic entities.


The id are one of "The Five", and have existed since the birth of The Archtecture. They are a more unpredictable and chaotic species compared to other four who were created at the same time, as the id do not choose sides, and they have never created a formal government.

Legends tell of a great war that was once held between two id, a battle which ravaged several universes and wiped out several planets and species before it was stopped. The two to be blamed are Swordbreaker and Null, though some claim that Void Eater is also to blame for the war, despite there being no real evidence against him. Subsequently, an event known as "The Great Separation", which drove all the id apart and scattered them across the finite multiverse, had occured; which is primarily the reason that all id live a nomadic existence.


Each id chooses their own appearance, and can change it as they see fit in order to better represent the concept that makes them who they are. For example, Inanis Somnia Comedenti is a floating skull which is always flaming. He appears like this in order to give off the sense of a nightmare or a dream. id do not reproduce, age or grow. All id are the same age, and all are generally equally powerful. Also, having been self-created from Incognitus Energy, id have a natural affinity towards the energy and can manipulate it with ease.

Social Structure/Government

The id do not function as a group; instead, they are all individual Multiversal nomads. This means some ids can be enemies of others. They do not have a native universe or realm, so when they "die" in a universe, they are instead functionally banished and can never enter that dimension ever again rather than experiencing true death, which is nigh-impossible unless they are killed in a location outside of The Architecture or any universes within it. id are wanderers seemingly by nature, visiting the many universes on a whim to explore it. Some stay for a while, building relationships with those they meet, while others only stay for a few moments to briefly interfere in mortal affairs and not become attached to them. However, their reasons for visiting are personal and up to each id.

Known ID

There are 1,400 known id in the Multiverse. Below are all the ones that have been documented so far:

1. Inanis Somnia Comedenti [ Void Eater ] { dream id }

2. Verum Vitae [ Truth ] { mystery id }

3. Inopinatum Tenebrarius [ Unexpected, Karma ] { mystery id }

4. Naaim Ammar [ Innocence, Caregiver ] { dream id }

5. Stultus In Paradisum: [ Wisdom ] { mystery id }

6. Lepida Ton Athanaton [ Warlord ] { mystery id }

7. Shihab Talib [ Starseeker ] { dream id }

8. Qui Secat In Carne [ Swordbreaker ] { mystery id }

9. Stultus A Vult Comedi [ Desire ] { dream id }

10. Nequiquam Lumine Captum Occidi [ Revenge’s Light ] { dream id }

11. Irritus [ Null ] {mystery id}

12. Gita [ Lullaby ] { dream id }

13. Siansa [ Symphony ] { dream id }

14. Luxatium [ Light ] { dream id }

15. Umbrian [ Shadow ] { mystery id }

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