The Xir'algath are the primary threat to all life within The Architecture. The Xir’algath collectively cared about only one thing, the conquest of the entire Architecture. They wished to conquer and invade every universe within it, until they remained to become The Architecture’s sole rulers. However, now with the influence of Queen Kreel removed, The Xir'algath have collectively regained free will and independence, and have now reformed into a more organized and less destructice race under their new leader.


The Xir'algath are one of "The Five". They were first self-created at the very beginning of The Architecture, alongside The Council of Life, The id, The Collect and The Infinites. The Xir'algath's original purpose was to exterminate any races or beings deemed too unstable or dangerous to be kept alive. This was not by any means seen as a negative aspect by any of the other Architectural races, but rather merely as a way the natural order of things had to operate, in order to maintain the Architecture's delicate balance. Out of The Five, The Xir'algath had the closest relationship with The Council of Life. The highest-ranking officials of the respective races- Archangel Michael and Taghiat Quasia- had arguably the closest relationship, forming an almost brotherly bond. However, An unseen tension arose between The Council of Life and Xir'algath. What exactly the leaders of both races were at odds with each-other over was not publically known, but privately the dispute concerned Taghiat Quasia, the scandalous spawn of Kreel and The Grand Seraphim, who had formed a secret affair prior. Kreel wanted to reveal the truth, while The Grand Seraphim tried to cover it up, remorsefully regretting the act of creating Taghiat. One day, something suddenly changed within The Xir'algath. They(or rather, Queen Kreel who was controlling them) had come to believe that only one race could properly rule and control the Architecture, and that race was them. The Xir'algath betrayed The Council of Life, and every other one of The Five, deliberately attacking them and other innocent races in their attempted conquest of The Architecture. The Council of Life chose to fight back and try to drive back The Xir'algath. This war was not without its casualties, however. In their efforts to stop The Xir'algath, Archangel Donatello and The Five Heavenly Kings became corrupted and evil and betrayed The Council of Life. The battle finally ended, when The High Archangels formed The Sacred Seal to banish The Xir'algath from most of The Architecture. They were barred from entering any Council of Life-sanctioned territory and restricted to only entering Universes that were closest to The Chao Umbra.

The First Resistance

Eons later, The Sacred Seal had suddenly and mysteriously been broken. Who or what was behind it remains unknown, though it had to have been someone from within The Council of Life. Upon their freedom, The Xir'algath almost immediately gathered forces to begin another invasion. They brought their invasion to the sanctuary planet of Lamurix, in the Prime Universe. However, due to the actions of the planet's resistance and The Council of Life, The Xir'algath were again temporarily defeated.

The Invasion

90 years later, The Xir'algath were once again free to finally begin their grand invasion in earnest. As The Xir'algath and their forces carried out the invasion, it seemed that truly nothing could stop them- except Magnus, that was. Magnus was created by The High Archangels as their champion to defend Earth against The Xir'algath. In retaliation, The High Council of Xir'algath chose to create a Magnus of their own: a being named Parvus. Parvus carried out her given mission easily and effortlessly, and eventually "killed" Magnus after a fierce battle. The heroes of Earth attempted to make one final stand against The Xir'algath and Taghiat Quasia, only to be met with bitter failure. The force of the Xir'algath's assault then tore down the barriers between dimensions, plunging the Architecture into a chaotic cesspool.

The Last Resistance

At this point, The Xir'algath practically thought that they had succeeded in their conquest of The Architecture, and began to establish their empire. However, powerful warriors throughout The Architecture, who had survived the invasion, banded together to form a resistance. The Resistance, with the help of The Council of Life and others, took the battle right to The Xir'algath. Taghiat Quasia was eventually killed in his confrontation with The Resistance, and The Architecture was repaired and restored.

Escape from Whitegate

After The Architecture was reset and the universal barriers had been restored, The Xir'algath were still alive, but had been severely crippled by their defeat. They were now sparsely scattered throughout The Architecture, attempting to regather their strength and rebuild their empire in the absence of their leaders. They were not a legitimate threat to The Architecture at this time, with The Council of Life taking out the small concentrated remnants of The Xir'algath that were dotted across the various universes. At the time, the new main threat to The Architecture was The Shadow King, who's prison had recently been weakened following the reset.

By the end of, however, The Shadow King had been apprehended by The Council of Life and was being brought back to the prison. But at that moment, Queen Kreel arrived to break out Whitegate's prisoners, and reorganize The Xir'algath's army to mount one final grand conquest of existence.


Meanwhile, The Council of Life rallied together forces to combat the coming Xir'algath threat, and defeat Kreel once and for all. As the team mobilized into The Realm of Death, Kreel held off the heroes with her lieutenants as she continued preparations with her military.

Once the heroes had finally made it to the outside of Kreel's palace, a mobilized army of the entire Xir'algath race stood waiting for them. The army, led and commanded by Taghiat, fought viciously and without waver as they cut through the heroes with everything they had. As the heroes' backup army arrived, the Xir'algath still refused to slow, also having brought reinforcements of their own.

Finally, the Xir'algath's reign of terror came to an end when Kreel was killed, and they were freed from her dark influence with the defeat of The Architect and the destruction of The Cosmic Egg.

Now, the Xir'algath are currently led and governed by their new leader, Taghiat, who has assumed the role of king of the race. Under his leadership, they have reformed and become much more productive and peaceful beings, repenting for their past crimes by helping to repair damages throughout The Architecture and maintaining peace and order.


The Xir’algath’s biology is far different from any other being in the Architecture . Due to their shapeshifting and regenerative abilities, they do not have a skeleton, or any organs or blood. Essentially, they have no “Weak point” to speak of, as every part of their body is made of the same substance. They do not have any nerves either, and therefore cannot feel pain. Reproduction-wise, the Xir’algath do not typically sexually reproduce, as they are immortal creatures. However, it is a possibility. Their physiology is also different from usual creatures; Xir’algath are not “organic” in the way that most people think of biological creatures. They are living, thinking entities, but their cells are not made from normal biological material. Their cells are practically indestructible and Omni-regenerative, and do not age like normal organic cells. Primortia Energy is the only thing in the entire Architecture that can permanently destroy and degenerate these cells, and the one exception to Xir'algath not feeling pain.


Shapeshifting: Xir'algath can alter all or parts of their body at will into anything they please. They can increase their mass without losing density, and can harden or soften the density of their bodies as well. They can stretch as thin as a single atom, and slip through even the smallest of spaces. They can also take the shape of beings that they have previously encountered, and be an exact replica down to the smallest hair. Their shapeshifting can even fool those closest to the being that is being copied.

Regeneration/rejoining: If part of a Xir'algath's body is removed or separated, they can simply just reattach it. Each individual cell in a Xir’algath’s body functions independently, and so separated chunks of their mass can temporarily take on slight individual sentience until returned to the main body. If a part of a Xir’algath’s body is completely destroyed, (Which would be unlikely) they can simply regrow entirely new parts to replace them. A Xir’algath can regrow their entire body from even a single remaining cell.

Spikes: Xir’algath have bone-like spike protrusions on their bodies. These can be used to scrape, slash or stab an enemy, and, in pinch, can be ejected from their bodies like quills and shoot towards an enemy. These spikes contain a lethal venom, capable of rupturing every cell in its victim's body shortly after infection. Chance of survival from this venom is extremely low unless the antivenom can be formulated and distributed to the victim in time.

Resilience: Additionally, Xir’algath are extremely resilient and adaptable creatures. They can withstand even the most extreme heat, cold, radiation, and pressure. They cannot be infected by any sickness or disease, and cannot be poisoned. They don't require oxygen to live. They also are immune to the effects of reality-warping, and cannot be effectively subjected to it.

Xalnergy Manipulation: This ability is only held by a select few. Certain Xir'algath who rise to prominent rank of power within the empire are given access to Xalnergy, which is only compatible with very few beings besides Xir'algath. When wielding Xalnergy, Xir'algath are capable of creating and blasting Xalnergy beams, energy vortexes, teleporting, and are given super speed and strength. They can also create rifts in time and space, and bring things out from a certain location or time period. This could even entail bringing back dead people by retrieving them from a certain point in the past before their death. If some beings are able to completely master the power of Xalnergy, they gain godlike potential in their abilities. Specifically, Xalnergy allows some people to create their warp reality and physics inside their own pocket dimension, essentially becoming nigh-Omnipotent.

Government/Social Structure

The Xir'algath's government is in fact quite simple. They collectively operate under a hivemind, which systematically enacts the will of their King or Queen, who controls and operates the hivemind. Due to this dynamic, the race is mainly composed of two classes: the servers and the leaders. The leaders give orders, and the servers carry out those orders.

Bottom Class: These are practically every member of The Xir'algath race. They could have any job within the race: Soldier, Scientist, etc. But in the end, they all serve beneath the higher classes and follow the orders given to them.

Generals: This group commands the various military branches in the Xir'algath army.

The High Council: This group is composed of six Xir'algath: Phenex, Abraxas, Rahab, Valac, Ukobach, and Surgat. The High Council serves as advisors to Taghiat and Queen Kreel, much in the same function as The Council of Life's High Archangels.

Taghiat Quasia: Taghiat Quasia was the highest-ranking military leader in the Xir'algath, and the second in power over the entire race. Taghiat ordered everyone below him, and only answered to Queen Kreel. However, following the death of Kreel, Taghiat has now become the main leader of the entire race.

Queen Kreel: Queen Kreel was The Xir'algath Queen. She was once the highest power of authority in the race until she was put into a coma. During this time, Taghiat enacted Kreel's will for her, before her recent reawakening. However, in the wake of Kreel's death, Taghiat now resides as The Xir'algath's highest-authorative leader, and the controller of the hivemind.

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