Verse levels are my way of comparing the relative scales of verses on a verse hierarchy. Each verse level represents an increase in size of a factor of 1010, similar to with the Kardashev scale.

  • Universe - Level 0
  • Multiverse - Level 1
  • ...
  • X-Verse - Level X

The number of A-verses a B-verse can contain is given by the equation 1010(B-A). So a multiverse (1-verse) contains about 10 billion universes (0-verse), etc.

This can be extended to cardinal numbers as well. An ℵ0-verse contains ℵ1 (an uncountably infinite) number of any finite-indexed verse. A ℵn-verse generally contains ℵn+1 verses of rank smaller than ℵn.

Also if you raise 10 to the power of ten times the verse level and multiply it by 1046 you get the power output of that verse in watts.

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