The Enneaverse is the Compendium of  structures constructible using qualified typed parameters and combinations thereof , and structures previously constructed.

Parameters are divided into 3 main types , which combine to form supertypes. Levels are an in-progress part of the work which is currently not relevant.

Parameter Types and Supertypes
Level Type (One plus sign denotes supertype, two denotes a hypertype, three denotes an Ultratype (coming soon) ) Preferred Affixes
Lv1 Entity Inflection
Lv2 Resource Primality
Lv3 Environment Actuality
Lv4 Environment+Resource Field
Lv5 Environment+Entity Embodiment
Lv6 Resource+Entity Deity
Lv7 Environtment+Resource+Entity Verse
Parameter Qualities
Level Quality Preferred Affixes
Lv1 Negative Anti
Lv2 Complex or Array Weird
Lv3 Null, or Not Applicable Infra
Lv4 Zero Non
Lv5 Fractional Semi
Lv6 Unit Uni
Lv7 Integer Multi
Lv8 Infinite Omni
Lv9 Nonstandard Math, or Set Theory Arch
Structure Complexity Rank
Level Complexity Rank Preferred Afixes
Lv1 Overlapping  Region - Regional
Lv2 Connected

Border - Bordering

Lv3 Vectorial Limit - Limiting
Lv4  Cone Slice stack - Modeling
Inclusion of Subparameters of Parameters
Level Inclusivity Preferred Affixes
Lv1 One of One Mono
Lv2 One of Many Large
Lv3 One of All Complete
Lv4  Many of One Extended
Lv5 Many of Many Chain
Lv6 Many of All Arch
Lv7 All of One Locus
Lv8 All of Many Nexus
Lv9 All of All Cosmology

Parameter subparameter list. A to the  left of B,C indicates that B and C are the subparameters of A 

Parameter List A(B+C) indicates B and C are subparameters of A.
Main Parameters Subparameters Sub Sub Parameters Preferred Affixes
Time Chronus
Flow   Branches, Paradoxes
Time Dimensionality Timelines, Squares, etc...
Reality Existence Holograms, Simulations Nesting Levels, Permissibility( Ontologism, Inertialessness, Life/Death Duality, Absurdity)
Virtualization Augmentation
Verusimilis Truth

Agreeability, Consensus, Seriousness, Believability

Independence Dependency
Aesthetic Beauty, Elegance, Sublimity, Complexity
Space Eternity Infinity
Space Dimensionality
Matter Physics
Atomicity Fundamentality
Entropy Irreversibility Decay
Nature Energy Polyhedra Elemental Vertex (Fire,Water,Air,Earth)
Dark Vertex (Ice, Vaccum, Lightning, Gravity) 
Compass Vertex (Chaos, Order, Yin, Yang) Decay Vertex (Radioactivity, Plasma, Explosion, Laser) 
Monism, Dualism, Etc...
Chance Possibility Possibility Dimensionality
Probability Randomness, Occurences
Permutations, Combinations Configurations
Mind Control, Decision, Planification, Perception
Power Authority, Potency, Importance, Immunity, Trascendentality
Soul Spirits, Patterns, Tablatures, Resurrection, Typification, Oblivion

Powers Explained

Power explained

Importance:  Being linked to the structure one exists on, At high levels, for example,  damage to a structure damages the entity and viceversa.

Authority: Hierarchical Ranking of Entity, Activities may be ordered or prohibited by higher ranks 

Potency   Capacity to perform action or Possession of Abilities and Skills

Transcendance: Mobility through structures, typically upwards. 

Immunity:  Ability to be unaffected by parameters


Any structures can be modeled as cones

Even if the structure expressly forbids or is forbidden internally or externally from being modeled upon, or is obviously or inherently or intrinsically incompatible with the idea of being modeled from or upon, or represents a collection of objects such that can’t be modeled, or is expressly removed from all logics and thoughts formable in such a way that it can’t be modeled, or possesses any protections here not specified.This occurs because Cones build upon the slices built of tiles that represent the elements and interconnections of the structures. Not on the structures themselves. Cones bypass paradoxes through use of surreality, granting slices the  ability to model an image of an object unambiguously, simultaneously mantaining a stable relationship with the object (be it semantic, conceptual, cosmological, numerical, theoretic, etc…, or otherwise)

I call this  Dialectical Correspondence Separation,  the dominant contrast of the declarative duality of the nature  of structures and their representations, and the integrity of the fused scriptural explicability that in simpler terms conveys a bidirectional path between model and structure which allows for unbridled transposition.


The simplest way to arrange slices is to stack them upon each other. They become intrinsically  parts of the cone, without actually directly touching / merging / interacting with each other. Each slice “up” transcends the previous layer.

Infinite Cone

These contain an infinite amount of slices. Zooming into a pair of slices will reveal slices in between the pair, zooming out  will simply reveal slices above and beyond the previously visible “top” and “bottom” slices. There is no tip or base “ ie: last slice up/down”

Beyond Infinite Cones

These are achieved by simply adding more cones to the above kind, with a separation, the easiest example is an Infinite Cone with a top “tip” slice that is above an infinity of slices.

For ease of visualization, a ven (Void, Null and Empty) slice is assumed to divide the infinite slices and the extra slice.

A doubly infinite cone for example, would contain not only a tip slice but infinite slices above and below the ven slice. 

N-tuply infinite cones and even Infinitely infinite cones (And Infinitely …. Infinitely infinite and I...etc…) can be created through the same principle just by cleverly adding more ven slices.

Going Further

Naive Addition: Place more  slices in the cone or add (multiply, exponentiate.. etc…) full cones worth of slices into the cone.

Extension: Devise a new way to use a new type of divider slice and slip an extra tip slice in a Beyond Infinite Cone.

Looping Machine Recursion:  Set up a process that would improve on the previously used steps and let it loop on itself

Hierarchical Cones: Model the Cone as a slice and form a new “super” Cone. Then super super cones etc… (can use ordinals)

Axiomatic Transcendence: Assume some other  concept is “greater” (aka invent or discover) than the concept of extension into cones, and plug that  concept as the input into one of the previous paths. (Note that by DSCP the result will still be a cone)

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