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Functions of a hypercomplex variable
Number systems
Special constants
Sets of functions
Functions of functions
Generalized Mandelbrot sets and Julia sets
Generalized Cauchy-Riemann equations
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Recreational monocosm


thingy about multidimensional numbers or something

Complex map of where .

Complex domain colouring.


Functions of a hypercomplex variable

Hypercomplex components
Polynomials, Rationals, Exponentials, and Logarithms
Trigonometric functions and inverses
Hyperbolic functions and inverses
Sinc analogues
Logistic functions, Gudermannian, and inverses
Algebraic curves
Bessel-type functions
Integer functions
Factorials and binomial coefficient
Productlogarithms, hyperoperators, and relatives
Physical functions
Lp trigonometric functions
Exponential integral and relatives
Elliptic integrals and relatives
Gamma functions and relatives
Error functions and relatives
Zeta functions, Polylogarithms, and relatives
Modular forms and relatives

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