I am trying to separate the smaller groups by this tree. Enjoy.

The Universal Hierarchy

The Computer Tier

  • The Network: Biggest computer tier ever, linked with the Systems.
  • System: Need to controlled by one or more users.
  • Program: Part of the System.
    • Code: Where the building blocks are computed.
  • The Emulator: An example type of the program.
  • The Emulator-space: Between the program level and the final level of the never-ending timeline.
  • Never-ending Timeline (The timeline captured at the True Endless, or lower-level never ending timelines starting with the grand beginning.)

The Exotic Tier

  • True Endless: The variant of the Endless which contains all possibilities of Existence have.
  • Endless: The biggest, endless -verse ever we known.
  • Existence: Contains of the sets, including the Boxes.
    • The Chip: Contains the memories beside in the Existence.
    • The Matrix: Contains the data beside in the Existence.
  • The Box: The biggest set ever in the Existence.
  • Beyondverse: The biggest -verse where in the All.
  • All: The everything we know where in the Box. (Reality)
  • God: Where the person being where in the All.

The Unthinkable Tier

The High Cosmology Tier

  • Archverse: Separated with lower-level archverses.
  • Yottaverse: The group found in the 10th level of the Archverse.
  • Zettaverse: The group found in the Yottaverse.
  • Exaverse: The group found in the Zettaverse.
  • Petaverse: The group found in the Exaverse.
  • Teraverse: The group found in the Petaverse.
  • Gigaverse: The group found in the Teraverse.
  • Megaverse: The group found in the Gigaverse.
  • Multiverse: The group found in the Megaverse.

The Low Cosmology Tier

The Astrology Tier

The Inner Space Tier

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