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About Me

I write that I write therefore I do write!

My Cosmology

It pretends to contain the not so humble properties of being coherent with what we intuit, believe, feel and seem to observe about our reality as well as to be able to include any and all fantasy at the same time while being able to relate them to each other and maintain a measure of coherence. In other words, it tries to point out the obvious using made up and important looking words.

Basic or Top Level concepts or elements:

Other essential elements that are not specific places:

  • Imaginatas - Each Imaginata is an imagined or believed reality inside the Imaginarium which can have its own Cosmology
  • Cosmology - It is the name given to the large scale organizing structure of both the Realium and any Imaginata, usually taking some hierarchical form but not necessarily
  • Demiurge - A name representing the creator of any reality. As Imaginatas are easily created through imagination, anyone who imagines anything is effectively a creator to some extent

Things of the Imaginarium:

  • Imaethyr - The fundamental material of the imagination that fills up the Imaginarium
  • Creatures of the Imaginarium - As the name suggests, an explanation of the types of creatures that exist in the Imaginarium along with the description of some examples

My Favorite Pages

This is a list of some of the pages on this wiki that I enjoy. Maybe I consider them to be particularly original, well written or just like their concepts. I've ordered them alphabetical so the order is completely unrelated with my preferences.

For obvious reasons I did not listed any of the pages I've created here.

Pages will be added and/or removed to or from this list at my pleasure.