About Me

I'm an incredibly active member of the Discord server (most active member of all time as it happens) however I don't often use the Wiki. That's... about it.

Pre-Barrelplex Cosmology is good, Hypercosmology is good, The Box can be beaten, Metaboxial Cosmology is shite & boring, External Hazard is "the shit", TonyNothing is the "shit" and trans rights are human rights. I'm also a massive asshole but I'm sure you could tell that by now.

Pages I've Written

While the vast majority of my time on V&D is spent on the Discord, I have written a few pages for the Wiki:

I've also re-written a few existing pages which were just stubs and turned them into actual pages:

User Subpages

There was a chance blog posts would be going away at some point so I decided to stop using them entirely and instead use User Subpages:

Those are the ones that still have a use, but there are some others that are basically 'retired' Subpages. I normally wouldn't list them because they're useless but since User Subpages can only be accessed through direct links (or searching for users but no one searches for a page by searching for a person), I might as well have an archive for them. Feel free to read them, though I'm not sure why you'd want to:

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