The Kalyubi Incursion was a large-scale invasion and conquest of The Barrel, which was carried out by the chaotic cosmic entity known as Oblivious, who had escaped the Kalyubi Dimension.  The Kalyubi Incursion, was an event so destructive and devastating, it never could have been dreamt of occurring. As for why and how, that shall soon be revealed…

The Rebirth of Oblivious

Eons following The Alom Wars, the corpse of Oblivious remained suspended within The Kalyubi Dimension, floating aimlessly through the expanse of the void of Numbverses like a whale carcass on the ocean. And where there was a carcass, there were scavengers to feed upon it. Countless other creatures and entities who had been banished to the Kalyubi dimension congregated around the remains of Oblivious, feeding upon and absorbing the Alom contained within it to boost their own powers. Although many beings had fed upon much of Oblivious’ Alom, the overall size of their body had not been noticeably reduced. In fact, certain creatures of the Kalyubi Dimension who were not strong enough to handle the Alom found themselves stuck to Oblivious’ body, and their bodies, minds and powers were absorbed into it. It was as if a certain degree of life and sentience still remained within the dormant body of Oblivious, but that was surely impossible as they were dead. 

Eventually, there would be an encounter with a version of the Collective Consciousness of The Mevalkagna from an alternate monocosm, which had been banished to the Kalyubi Dimension for reasons unknown. The Collective Consciousness desired to siphon the Alom from Oblivious’ remains to gain enough power to create a larger personal army of Mevalkagna with which to wage war against others in the Kalyubi Dimension. As it attempted to drain Oblivious of their Alom. But in this effort, the Collective Consciousness felt a push back, a resistance. And then, it was followed by an incredible pull, as the Collective Consciousness was almost magnetically drawn towards Oblivious, and forcibly merged with their consciousness, leaving behind only the empty husk of the vacant megastructure that had once housed the Collective Consciousness. Still, however, Oblivious’ body remained unmoving. Lifeless.

Later, there would be an encounter with a stray Primary Mind of The External Hazard that had found itself in the Kalyubi Dimension, and the interference caused by the dimension severed any connection between the primary mind and the collective external hazard. The Primary Mind saw Oblivious as a perfect entity to transform into a Servitor, and so it attempted to infect and convert their body. However, as this happened, the Primary Mind was surprised (and horrified) to find its will overridden by a greater one: the will of Oblivious. Oblivious' unmoving body latched on to the Primary Mind, and before it even realized what was happening, the Primary Mind had already been absorbed by Oblivious and forced into their subconscious, granting them the powers of the hazard and the ability to convert entities into servitors.

Escaping the Kalyubi Dimension

Even as Oblivious’ strength and lifeforce was building itself up, there was one prisoner of the Kalyubi Dimension in particular that they were ever-vigilant of: Kotoblade.

Oblivious knew that if they really wanted to, they could have quite easily smashed Kotoblade like a bug on a windshield and be done with it. However, Oblivious was not as chaotic and impulsive as they had been prior to being banished, and they had become a long-term planner. After having resided in confinement for so long, Oblivious spent an eternity in self-reflection, pondering their purpose, searching for a goal to strive towards besides reigning chaos. And eventually, a long-term goal had finally materialized: Oblivious wished to exact revenge upon The Barrel and all its inhabitants for killing them, by conquering the monocosm. The addition of The Collective Consciousness in Oblivious' mind also served to give them a slightly more calculative thought process, even if they were still very much insane.

As previously stated, Oblivious had a bigger-picture goal, and as such there were several things holding them back from attempting to kill Kotoblade. Firstly, they wanted to maintain the ruse of being a lifeless corpse, and if they were to suddenly come alive, their method of consuming and absorbing other entities would be lost. Secondly, although Oblivious was confident in defeating Kotoblade if the two ever were forced to fight, they knew that the conflict would deplete them of the strength they were invested in gathering. And lastly, Oblivious saw use for Kotoblade remaining alive. The primary reason for this was that Kotoblade was one of the very few beings within the Kalyubi Dimension who realistically seemed to be able to escape it, and Oblivious figured that Kotoblade’s escape would provide a window of opportunity for them to escape as well, and also create a distraction for the Supergod Council which would help them evade detection in the process. And so, Oblivious patiently waited, as they continued discreetly absorbing and consuming lesser inhabitants of the Kalyubi Dimension. 

When the time had finally come and Kotoblade exited the Kalyubi Dimension, Oblivious finally saw their chance. And so when he was finally gone, they reanimated their body and came back to life. Oblivious, who had absorbed a large amount of the Koto in the environment over time as well as assimilating the knowledge and powers of many who practiced it, had themself gained mastery over the art. And so, they employed the use of Koto to bind many Kalyubi Demons under their servitude, forming a personal army of genocidal cosmic criminals of the most volatile natures.

Then, exploiting the weakened veil created by Kotoblde’s initial escape, Oblivious reopened the “wound”, from which bled a flood of unimaginable chaos and horror that spilled into Beyond. Thus began the Kalyubi Incursion.

The only existing comprehensible image of Oblivious, following their escape from The Kalyubi Dimension


As planned, Oblivious managed to evade detection due to The Supergod Council’s preoccupation in dealing with Kotoblade. Upon their escape, Oblivious instantly set their sights upon The Barrel. However, they knew that it would be impossible to gain entry without the notice of Creator, Destroyer and Hyperman.

While Oblivious had easily been able to defeat Creator and was almost able to defeat Destroyer and Hyperman the first time, and Oblivious was arguably even more powerful than before, they wished to conquer The Barrel rather than completely jump in guns blazing at first, so as to be more careful and delicate in their plan.

And so, Oblivious chose to employ a more subtle method at first. They recalled absorbing a version of The Collective Consciousness, and so they utilized that knowledge and power to create a small group of Mevalkagna of varying levels, to infiltrate the ranks of the Mevalkagna within The Barrel and perform reconnaissance. The Mevalkagna scouts, with which Oblivious shared a telepathic link and could thus perceive everything they did, discovered many changes that had occurred throughout the Omniverse. They learned of new groups and races which had risen to power, as well as the current statuses of those who had still existed. With the aid of this knowledge, Oblivious' plan began forming. Using their own Collective Consciousness, they defected a number of Mevalkagna within The Barrel under their own influence instead, employing them as sleeper agents while Oblivious sent a Mevalkagnus that they created themselves into The Omniverse, to act as their representative so not much of a disturbance would be created by Oblivious' presence.


Oblivious' Mevalkagnus first made contact with The Idea Breakers, having witnessed the destructive capabilities of this race and believing it could be put to good use. The Idea Breakers were quick to attempt to consume the Mevalkagnus, but Oblivious defeated them rather easily. The Idea Breakers, after being enslaved by Koto magic casted by Oblivious, did not much say in the matter, and so finally accepted Oblivious' offer to join them. And with that, Oblivious finally had their first "willing" ally in their conquest.

Oblivious next targeted The Constant, after having learnt of his story. At this point, The Constant was regathering his strength, still weakened by his fight against The Overseer during The Alom Wars. Oblivious, however, saw potential in this vengeful entity, and recruited him into their cause. The Constant was distrustful of this Mevalkagnus at first, weary of it especially in his weakened state. However, Oblivious revealed to The Constant that they could give him the power to destroy The Overseer, if only he joined them. The Constant was reluctant at first, but then he realized that this was the best chance he had of defeating The Overseer, one that may never come around for a long time. And so, he reluctantly accepted Oblivious' offer.

Oblivious would then approach Terminus. Terminus, believing this Mevalkagnus to be nothing more than what it appeared, intended to delete it. But then, Oblivious revealed their true power, and Terminus, even as a cold emotionless AI, recognized the superiority of this being, and so the Terminus stood its hand and listened. Oblivious offered an opportunity for conquest, and free reign over The Omniverse's cyberspace (which Oblivious had no need of), if Terminus agreed to join their cause. With this agreement, Terminus accepted.

The Great Cosmic Republic were the last beings who were approached by Oblivious. At the time, The Mevalkagna were finally planning to make their move and decimate the Republic. Oblivious, catching wind of this, used their own Mevalkagna to run interference from within and stall them, as well as dissuading some of the native Mevalkagna by psychically influencing them. When the time finally came to approach them, Oblivious' Mevalkagnus was at first attacked by the republic, who knew that they were already a target of the Mevalkagna and expected this one to be sent to kill them. However, Oblivious' Mevalkgnus revealed that they were, in fact, a "friend", and wanted to help the great cosmic republic. After offering both protection and immunity from The Mevalkagna, as well as free reign to continue expansion, the Great Cosmic Republic agreed to join Oblivious.

The First Wave

At this point, some of the lower-level cosmic entities began noticing odd activity throughout The Omniverse. Beings such as The Hexagon Lords began picking up on high concentrations of activity amongst the groups under Oblivious' command, and were even intermingling amongst each-other. Such a thing was not common, and most definitely unprecedented and unexpected.  What could have united all these vastly diverse and conflicting groups together, they wondered. What possibly motivated them to work towards a common goal, whatever that goal may have been?  The Hexagon Lords and others were determined to find out, and so they began investigating.

Meanwhile, The Guardians of Aleph and Apeirocoalition were still locked in their Negative First Causal War, just as they always had been, are and will be. But suddenly, events were occurring on a scale so devastating, it seemed to be rewriting the events of the war itself and causing cosmic disruption on a scale which overrode it. Essentially, the war was beginning to reach a state at which it would become linear and singular. This was because The Mevalkagna, Idea Breakers and Great Cosmic Republic were annihilating all parties involved in the -1st causal war throughout all timelines and verses, so as to stabilize The Omniverse and make it easier to conquer on a larger scale. The Guardians of Aleph and Apeirocoalition were horrified by the possibility of an entity or entities being able to perform an act powerful enough to linearize their war, and so they dialed back their degree of involvement in the -1st Causal War, devoting more time and attention to combat this greater threat instead.

The Second Wave

The inhabitants of The Omniverse now had truly become fearful, as the members of Oblivious' cabal were swarming like a Plague.

Oblivious anticipated that at about this point, many beings would flock to The Hospice in an attempt to find a safe haven. And so, Oblivious sent an army of their forces to launch an assault on the entire Folded Cascade.

The first line of defense, The Wall, was swarmed by Terminus and forces of Mevalkagna, a very uneasy alliance to say in the least. Terminus fiercely battled Vyotekha in cyberspace, while the Apeirocoalition and The Odhinites tried to hold down the fort and fend off the Mevalkagna. Eventually, Vyotekha was weakened in her fight against Terminus. Her last thought was a bitter sentiment of how she had let down and failed all of The Folded Cascade, as the Terminus defeated and assimilated her, hijacking The Folded Cascade's entire technological interface.

Now with complete control over the Folded Cascade's cyberspace, Terminus brought down the security system, allowing in the Mevalkagna and a newly arrived team of Idea Breakers. The Hexagon Lords immediately discovered this, and they were disheartened to learn of Vyotekha's fate. Lord One was arguably the most devastated and heartbroken, as he had the closest relationship with her.

By now, the members of The Apeirocoalition based within The Wall had been overwhelmed and decimated, while the Odhinites numbers were greatly reduced. The very structure of the wall itself had been weakened and damaged, leaving it practically defenseless.

Just like that, Oblivious' forces had gained entry into the Folded Cascade. They swarmed throughout the verse, invading it as they killed and captured many beings. Before long, they finally stormed The Hospice, ravaging it and bringing horror to all those who believed they would be safe here. 

The Hexagon Lords intervened, fighting back against the Mevalkagna and Idea Breakers as they defended The Folded Cascade with everything they had. At first, it seemed as though the Hexagon Lords would succeed in banishing the invaders. But then, they would be confronted by Vyotekha herself, who was not really dead but in fact heavily assimilated by The Terminus, and thus essentially "mind controlled" by them. The Hexagon Lords could clearly notice an internal struggle within Vyotekha as she tried resisting the will of Terminus. And thus, they had great difficulty in mustering the will to delete a being who - was not only faithful and loyal, but was also more than just a worker; Vyotekha was a friend to The Hexagon Lords, which made it a very difficult choice to simply kill her. Terminus discovered this "weakness" and exploited it by masking Vyotekha's code to make it seem as though she had managed to resist the will of Terminus. This allowed The Hexagon Lords to lower their guards, and they were cruelly led into a trap and terminated, and then Terminus completely assimilated Vyotekha's code and virtually killed her.

In the aftermath of this invasion, all inhabitants of the Folded Cascade were either taken prisoner or killed, as it was taken up by the occupation of Oblivious' forces and established as a base, with The Constant reclaiming his place in the verse he had as its leader, commanding the current inhabitants of the Cascade as the leader of a brigade in Oblivious' army.  The bodies of the Hexagon Lords were then presented to Oblivious, who enthralled and converted them into hazard warriors to serve Oblivious.

The Third Wave

The events of the folded cascade's invasion and the Hexagon Lords' deaths were so horrific, news of it spread all throughout the Omniverse. It was clear now that the Omniverse was in the midst of a crisis, and most of its inhabitants were now solely focused on surviving and repelling this new threat as they began mobilizing.

Word of recent events had eventually reached the ears of the Oblivious Entities, who were hiding out in the Omniverse's furthest frontiers. Immediately, the Oblivious entities realized that the being behind these attacks were Oblivious. They were a part of Oblivious, and therefore they knew them better than any other entity could. Upon this realization, the Oblivious entities banded together as they prepared for the coming storm...

The native Mevalkagna within The Barrel were now scrambling in an attempt to contain the chaos being spread by Oblivious, but one by one more and more were corrupted and seduced to Oblivious' side.  By now, Hyperman's attention was now finally drawn to The Barrel as he realized what was happening to his Mevalkagna, feeling them slip beyond his reach. But by then, it was too late; it eventually reached a point, where every Mevalkagnus rebelled against the Collective Consciousness, like a body's immune system turning against its own brain. The Collective Consciousness tried to quell this rebellion, but it became overwhelmed. The Collective Consciousness thought it had anticipated every scenario within The Barrel and had a contingency for it, and it did. But this threat, it came from beyond The Barrel, and thus it was something that The Consciousness could never have fathomed, expected or prepared for. And so, it was quickly destroyed by the Mevalkagna. 

The Omniverse's greatest buffer to cosmic instability was now gone. 

The Fourth Wave

Hyperman was horrified to learn of all that had happened within The Omniverse in his absence, and decided it was time to return to the omniverse and mobilize a Resistance to defeat this new threat. However, Hyperman was not yet aware that Oblivious was behind all of these attacks, as Oblivious themself did not physically enter The Barrel yet. At this time, Hyperman was facing a faceless and unknown threat.

Hyperman gathered together the remnants of The Odhinites, The Apeirocoalition, The Guardians of Aleph, and others as he organized them together into an army. Even unlikely beings joined the cause, such as The Overseer. However, it was more a matter of "eliminating competition" than out of an actual desire to help the Omniverse. With this, Hyperman's army mobilized through the Omniverse, combatting their enemies. Some operations were successful, but more ended in death and failure. Times were beginning to become more and more desperate.

The Fifth Wave

At that point, The Oblivious Entities joined in the fray as well, partially out of a perceived personal responsibility. They revealed to Hyperman the true identity of the enemy they were facing: Oblivious. Hyperman was surprised to learn this, not expecting to face Oblivious again. But no matter who he was up against, Hyperman was ready. With the help of the Oblivious entities, the tide of the war began to turn as Hyperman's army started pushing back against Oblivious and reclaiming territory. By now, it was clear that Hyperman would win the war and repel Oblivious' invasion - or so he thought.

The Final Wave

The war eventually reached a point where Oblivious started to feel threatened by Hyperman and his army. Oblivious finally assumed an active role in person, as they entered The Barrel in their true form.

At this point, all-out war ensued amongst the two clashing sides as they fought to determine the fate of The Omniverse which hung in the balance. Creator finally intervened at this point as well, horrified by the damage that had been done to The Omniverse. He intended to set things right, and so he helped lead the charge against Oblivious and their forces. There were immense casualties on both sides, but Hyperman's army was losing more than Oblivious. Hyperman watched in horror as the Apeirocoalition, Guardians of Aleph, Odhinites and many more were laid waste to, dwindling quickly until all but the strongest were gone.

Finally, The Oblivious Entities confronted Oblivious, attempting to fight against the very thing that they came from. Oblivious ended up defeating and killing the entities rather easily, absorbing their "lost pieces " back into their body.

The Overseer then tried to fight Oblivious. The Constant approached The Overseer as he attempted to hold a rematch, but the Overseer was more preoccupied with trying to fight Oblivious. The Overseer used what he thought was his greatest advantage, by trying to peer into Oblivious' mind. However, this would prove to be his greatest downfall. Inside the mind of Oblivious, The Overseer bore witness to naught but an infinite, roiling sea of incomprehensible madness and horror. This was so overwhelming, that The Overseer instantly died of insanity and fear before he even knew what had happened. 

The Constant watched as his one motivation for existing, the one opportunity at fulfillment, was taken from him, slipping from his fingers just like that. This empty void of emotion was immediately replaced with pure, white-hot rage. The Constant lashed out at Oblivious, attacking them. So strong were The Constant's attacks, that he actually stood a chance at winning. 

Oblivious employed every method they could think of in an attempt to kill The Constant, but none of them worked, with even a far more powerful entity than The Constant being incapable of truly killing him. Oblivious knew that The Constant had a special nature to him, and could not be killed by normal means. It seemed that defeating The Constant could not be accomplished by killing The Constant, but rather changing him to such an extent that he would be at a state in which he was no longer him anymore.

And so, upon this realization, Oblivious absorbed The Constant by overpowering his will, and as The Constant was merged with Oblivious, his sense of self and identity were relinquished. The Constant was still very much alive and his consciousness was active within Oblivious however, but Oblivious forcefully trapped The Constant within them out of sheer willpower and suppressed him, acting as a living prison for him.

The rest of Oblivious' army was disturbed by this display, but before any of them could defect and betray Oblivious, Oblivious killed and absorbed the leader of each group and race, gaining the ability to subjugate them all directly to Oblivious' personal will. Oblivious then proceeded to merge every different species and type of being under their servitude into a single hybrid race: The Composite.

Hyperman remained as the last man standing, and so he charged into battle without hesitation. He and Oblivious battled it out fiercely. While Hyperman may have grown in power since his last fight with Oblivious, so too did Oblivious' power increase, on an arguably even greater scale at that. Hyperman held his own for a good while, but soon became exhausted and was starting to have trouble keeping up with Oblivious. Oblivious took advantage of Hyperman's weakness, and crippled him while he was down. But Oblivious did not want to give Hyperman the satisfaction of a swift and merciful death. This was more personal. And so, Oblivious slowly crushed Hyperman's measly nigh-Omnipotent body beneath their heel in the slowest and most agonizing manner possible, and sadistically delighting in Hyperman's screams of pain and suffering. When Hyperman finally drew his last breath, Oblivious unceremoniously absorbed his power before enthralling his corpse.

Creator battled against Oblivious, but Oblivious, who easily injured Creator before and was infinitely more powerful now, effortlessly annihilated and absorbed him.

It was then that Destroyer appeared. He had watched the events of the entire war unfold from afar, but never intervened because he gained satisfaction from the level of chaos and destruction that was caused. But now, even he admitted that this was too much, and was secretly terrified of Oblivious. And so, out of self-preservation, Destroyer made an attempt at diplomacy as he went to congratulate Oblivious on their actions. Before he could, however, his life too was quickly ended before he was absorbed into Oblivious. Just like that, The Barrel's three most powerful entities were killed as easily as stomping on a small helpless animal.

Oblivious stood proudly above the ruins of The Barrel, content. They had finally won, they had finally achieved their goal, and nobody was left to rival them. But it seemed too good to be true, because it was.

At that moment, Kotoblade appeared. He had just gotten done with killing the entire Supergod Council, who were in Hellensoerensen at that. By now, Kotoblade was so completely far off the rails and filled with power, he went on a killing spree through Beyond, and he had now come to annihilate The Barrel.  Oblivious, however, could not allow this to happen. They did not want to lose "their empire", and so they fought against Kotoblade. Oblivious was highly confident in defeating and killing Kotoblade, already believing they could have defeated him in the Kalyubi Dimension. To Oblivious' surprise and horror, however, Kotoblade easily gained the upper hand, and quickly was able to destroy the barrel, and with it Oblivious. It was almost poetically ironic. The one entity whom Oblivious met their demise at the hands of, was the one entity they made the mistake of underestimating. That was Oblivious' final thought before they were met with death.

The Re-rebirth of Oblivious

Oblivious was confused when they reawoke later, floating in the vast void of Beyond. This was not what death was supposed to feel like, they were sure. That was when they realized, they were not truly dead. Oblivious was still alive. How they survived, they did not know, but it was most likely due to the fact that they had absorbed the constant and gained his ability to survive destruction.

Oblivious was immediately reinvigorated by seething rage, not soon forgetting the pitiful defeat they had suffered by Kotoblade. However, while Oblivious may have been insane, they were far from stupid. They now knew the power that Kotoblade had. And with that came a certain level of humbling respect for him as well, as much as Oblivious did not want to admit it. This was a feeling that Oblivious absolutely hated, and so they strived to train themselves and increase their power. They rampaged through beyond, destroying countless monocosms(at least, the ones that Kotoblade had not yet gotten to). Oblivious killed all the weak inhabitants, enthralled all the prominent inhabitants and assimilated all the truly powerful beings within every Monocosm. This was no longer about conquering anything, no longer about establishing any empires. This was purely about getting even.

Oblivious then waited, slowly and patiently and stealthily, like a predator hunting prey. And just as Kotoblade let his guard down, they pounced. This next fight was longer and more drawn out, with both beings being very evenly matched. Oblivious tapped in to the fullest potential of their madness and rage, and harnessed that raw force to put an end to Kotoblade’s life. After absorbing Kotoblade, Oblivious claimed his necklace as a trophy, donning it with immense satisfaction. Although they knew it did not truly grant power like so many other beings foolishly thought, Oblivious felt a great personal power that came from wearing it.

With Kotoblade having been dealt with, Oblivious shifted their attention to all of Beyond. They absorbed the power from the lifeless cadaver of Hellensorensen, gaining the combined power of all 6 Supergods, and used that power to radically alter the structure of Beyond itself. Oblivious merged every single Monocosm together into one single verse melding it together with Beyond. 

Now, Beyond only contained one single verse, ruled and overseen entirely by Oblivious. All remaining life within it submitted to Oblivious' rule, serving them faithfully. The only lifeforms who weren't oblivious' army of Composites, were enthralled and zombified versions of every Hyperman and Omniversal Traveler within Beyond.

Epilogue: The Incursion Advances

All of Beyond belonged to Oblivious now, but soon even this was not enough. Soon, Oblivious wished to expand their territory, and eventually found a way to exit their native Beyond Bubble and enter into Transcendentem, travelling through it with their army. In Oblivious' travels through Transcendentem, they saw many sights, ranging from the tame to the uncanny, but all Alien and Bizarre. Eventually, Oblivious heard a Voice speak to them. This Voice came not from within Oblivious' mind, but rather traveled through it. The link shared between Oblivious and this voice was most likely created by Oblivious' absorption of a Primary Mind back in the Kalyubi Dimension. The Voice spoke in a language of chaos, destruction and insanity, and would have completely shattered the minds of any others who listened to it. But this was a language that Oblivious understood all to well, and so they heard the voice of a reasonable being casually and fluently speaking in an understandable language. The Voice saw potential in Oblivious, potential to spread the hazard and sow discord throughout the cosmos, and so it approached them with an offer. The Voice presented to Oblivious a collection of Seeds, Seeds which the Voice instructed to, in its words, "plant a field of death and destruction" (rough translation). The Voice promised to Oblivious that this act would grant them immense power, which was all that Oblivious needed to hear. And so with these Seeds in hand(and after having absorbed a few), Oblivious advanced through Transcendentem, before approaching a Beyond Bubble, one that was all too recognizable....

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