Trosinium is an incredibly useful material found inside collapsing Monocosms, as well as serving many purposes throughout the Omniverses.


Trosinium is made up of infinitesimally small particles on scales way below the Planck scale, this allows for these sub-quantum particles to do things outside of the range of quantum mechanics. The particles are fully programmable meaning that they can be given any property such as greater or less mass if so needed, as well as to be used to create incredibly useful materials such as Trosinium. The durability of Trosinium is essentially infinite as it can survive practically almost anything from reality warpers to beings like Hyperman and others.

Trosinium is infinitely malleable, as it is possible to bend it into any shape without damaging the material in any way. The programmable nature of Trosinium allows it to restructure into anything as long as the being who uses it knows what that structure looks like. Trosinium could change into is a tree to do this the particles look through their data banks and find all occurrences of the word tree, they then select that form and become a tree until they are changed into something else. As Trosinium is able to restructure itself into anything the user can imagine it is essentially the perfect material. Although Trosinium is incredibly powerful it is possible for it to be destroyed if it is programmed to be extremely weak or if someone is exceptionally powerful. Likewise, the power of Trosinium is solely dependent on The Guardian Of The 5th Wall, meaning that if she is somehow erased then all occurrences of Trosinium in Transcendentem are obliterated as well.

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