• Hello, I'm inquiring about how to add new "Laws" to this wiki such as . If yes then must it be made from scratch again or copied?

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    • put it in your blog first and go from there

      you'll get the attention of the admins that way and they'll tell you what they think should be done with the page

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    • Your Law of Dimensional Cycle (LoDC) doesn’t apply to cosmologies as a whole though, it only applies to yours and other cosmologies where it’s true.

      It’s a rule/law in your cosmology, yes, but it’s not a law that applies to any cosmology that could be made up by anyone. Anyone can very easily ensure that LoDC is false in their cosmology whereas it’s more difficult to do so with the Law of Cosmological Subjectivity (LoCS), As Above so Below (AAsB), or the Law of Box Equivalency (LoBE).

      LoCS states that cosmologies are subjective; AAsB states that for some property of any structure, the property is shared by at least one other larger or smaller structure (within the same cosmology or not); and LoBE states that any structure stated to be above the Box (structure that contains every concept and thing by definition) is still in the Box and/or possibly equivalent if it essentially has the same definition as the Box.

      The thing about the “Laws of Cosmology” described on the page is that they’re supposed to be valid for all cosmologies. Your thing falls under “Laws of your Cosmology” and it tells people how yours works. In that case, feel free to write a blog post elaborating the rules and laws of your cosmology.

      If you’ve got some property that you think applies to all cosmologies, do tell the community and feel free to elaborate in the form of a blog post. If the community agrees with it, it can be put on the Laws of Cosmology page.

      P.S. The property you’re proposing shouldn’t be super trivial or obvious like “there exists at least one law that applies to all cosmologies” or something like that. Do be creative.

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