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    10:51, June 19, 2020

    Just making myself known to one of the admins. I'd like to contribute to this wiki soon.(Make edits, Create Pages, etc.)

    I look forward to it in the future.

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    • Glad to hear!

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    • Thanks for the welcome.

      Are they any rules i need to know before contributing?

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    • Big rule is the advice for newer users to post new original content for the site in the form of blog posts (while that feature still lasts).

      It's a means of quality control that was put into place in this site's early development and is still used to this day for users to get feedback on their stuff. 

      Other users are supposed provide feedback and usually when people have gone over it enough, the content can be put into mainspace. V&D Users are in general a lot more active on the Discord than they are on the Wiki so contacting users through there is generally a lot more reliable.

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    • So in other words if I'm going to make new verses or Cosmic beings it needs to be in only blog posts?

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    • It's recommended that they be in blogs first, yeah.

      It's not 100% "New content has to always be in blog post form first." since it's possible for people to just wing an article that fits general standards (or if there are circumstances where the rule is bypassed completely by bigwig users or admins, sometimes disagreeably), but that usually isn't too often so I guess "Try to put stuff in blog post form" will work for you for now.

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    • I understand.

      But trust me i plan to make my verses not too complex or ridiculous looking. Since it's my first time here i plan to carefully write my verses or Cosmic entities.

      I'll follow the rules though.

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    • Can't wait to see! 💪🏻🤘🏻

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