The Vector Sum God is a single coherent god that emerged from the collective actions of an infinite number of conflicting cosmic entities.


All the facets of the Vector Sum God emerged roughly simultaneously in different parts of their local universe as it cooled from the metaspatial void, at a density of around one facet per Hubble volume. They all expanded their domains to fill the universe at the same time, and began overwriting it perfectly according to their will.

However, since every other facet of the vector sum god had separate goals, but an equal level of power, they rapidly began overwriting the work of each other. Rather than battling or negotiation, each facet silently allowed this to happen and continued ordinarily. Since no facet is ever able to overpower another, the resultant universe was the vector sum of the independent wills of each facet.

From the outside, this perfect and instantaneous summing of the wills of each facet makes the Vector Sum God appear to act as a single entity with a single will.


Communication with the Vector Sum God is difficult; each facet simultaneously writes its own message and erases the messages of all other facets, leaving the resultant message a compromise typically devoid of most meaning. The resultant will of the Vector Sum God is a positive will, however, which means that the resultant message does express coherent but weak desires.

On occasion, the Vector Sum God expresses strong desires. These are typically on matters relating to the continued existence of the Vector Sum God, and the protection of its own universe.


Under typical circumstances, the Vector Sum God acts like a single universe-level manager. It has complete control over its own universe, able to fully know the location of every single particle and adjust the positions of any number of them arbitrarily, and can reach into other universes to a limited extent (this is done rarely, because facets are unwilling to overextend themselves and cede their position in the home universe).

In extreme circumstances, however, each of the infinite facets of the Vector Sum God also act as its own universe-level controlling entity. This means that, on matters that the Vector Sum God feels strongly about, it can become significantly more powerful, able to easily crush universe-tier abilities.

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