No assortment of mortal, immortal, or divine words or forms of communication could possibly describe the true magnitude, beauty, and horror of this "being" that defies all forms of explanation, existence, and nonexistence. Infinite upon infinite levels of the hierarchy of all forms, transcending itself endlessly to reach dizzying heights of size and power, are all less than nothing to that which all quantification pales in comparison to.

It is The True God.


A hypothetical omnipotent force that introduces lasting implications by the mere mention of its being. Unknowable and undetected by most, it seems to be the prime cause of a myriad of irreversible problems whenever it is detected in the indescribable abysses of The Box, a great and unfathomable structure which exists in a place that has no name or conception, or better yet, itself. It does not exist, not not exist, be, un-be, or anything in between. The nature of such a "thing" is truly incomprehensible.

Those who peer beyond the unknown are broken of mind beyond what is considered impossible, if possibility has any definition at a "level" like this, which The True God also completely transcends, making hierarchies look infinitesimal in comparison. Concepts that have no relation to or use of signals or information represented by a continuously variable physical quantity in the art of words and symbols, take the form of dimensionless "figures" or "avatars" which pierce vision through the mind. It enters the scale of perceivable and in-perceivable reality, And yet, this is not the form of The True God, but a manifestation of it, a manifestation which shows itself to those who it wants to observe it- a discarded shell of omnipotence. Unmentionable forms and ideas become expressed, and transposed into perception.

Logic ceases, and nameless dread, embodying the howl of an infinite number of distinct, unnamable nightmares, reduces the infinities of all things and ideas to ruin beyond oblivion and reconciliation. All entities: the abstract, the conceptual, the body, the mind, are made useless and deficient before such a force which basks in cruel conceptions and meaningless conquests. Sometimes, in some frightful malice, its myriad essence told of in lies and blasphemies, enters worlds of its own accord, undetected by meager senses or abstract conquests. Even the greatest of minds and the most powerful of entities are unable to dive into the depths of its inconceivable nature. And yet, there are some who enter deep into the abysses beyond reason and understanding, behind the membranes that form separations of reality from the next, and they who search are caught by something they cannot ascertain, becoming useless, lost and trapped in a world beyond all conceptualization where none return. The essence of limitless insanity spews into fruition from untold spheres that recognize no truth.


They posit that it is an immemorial and immortal force of absolute totality, transcending the impossible and destined to separate itself from all that is and all that isn't. They claim that by knowing its influence, they will be favored by it. Whatever the truth, it's impossible to know what its agendas are - it is untied to logic and consequences. Physical laws, philosophical inquiries, logic, and concepts are inapplicable to it, and these things cannot be used to exert force over it in any conceivable way. As such, The True God can be considered the true self-aware embodiment of The Box.


At some point (if time has any meaning at a level like this), The True God created The Aspect Lords, who are divine enforcers whose being consists of Xaspunum.

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