The Supergod Council are a council of gods above normal creator/destroyer esque status with omnipotence^2 strength, with the leader being omnipotent^3, whose job are to oversee the vast array of monocosms within Beyond.


Each of the names that they've created are derived off of what each of them administer throughout Beyond.


The supergods are currently debating on whether or not they should terminate The Omniversal Traveler from existence, since they've been debating that no mortal should be able to exit the omniverse under non-godly means, or even have powers that can rival Hyperman, but some of the council members argue that natural forces will kill the traveler by theirselves, and that they should let the traveler explore. The traveler eventually did slip beyond their grasp.

The Supergod Council also made the decision to terminate 9 of Satoru's crew members from existence due to their evil intentions once they escaped the Omniverse.

Under extreme circumstances or situation that involve erasure, the 6 councilmen will merge into a single entity.

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