An entity who came to be known simply as the Omniversal Traveler, who exited the Omniverse to find any existence beyond the transfinite space within the great void known as 'The Outside'.


The traveler wandered through countless realms and dimensions faster than the speed of light, eventually reaching The Outside.

The traveler wandered throughout the dark void for time beyond reckoning. Only able to reside within the great void for so long before the pressure could crush him into nothingness, the traveler was soon to end his journey. However at the very limit of his intended distance from the Omniverse, he came across a distant spectrum of small bulbs of light. Tempting fate, the traveler wandered into the field of light shining within the dark void, where it had been previously thought to hold no other such existences.

Time passed on and on for many years throughout the infinite upon infinite realities as news of this adventurer was heard across many many worlds, even by hyper powerful entities like the Hexagon Lords, Hyperman, and The Overseer. Eventually this unnamed entity was killed in a way that didn't end his existence and sent him back to his home planet, with all of his memories even from that existence. It was then realized by the most powerful beings in the omniverse that the Omniversal traveler had entered into a place of state and being different from all of existence itself, he was gone.

The traveler, however, didn't notice anything different, except for the fact that he wasn't able to speak to any entity within his home planet, and had abilities like lightspeed travel, teleportation, immortality, etc. The traveler eventually exited the omniverse after traveling through the Archverse chain a second time. The traveler then went back to the place he went to, and finally realized what he discovered. Endlessness, a realm beyond.

The traveler met other travelers like him in a small dimension outside of the omniverses, who all had the same goal and were satisfied, some of which even survived their experiences the first time and went right to that dimension, but this traveler was different, since he gained abilities from his experience. The traveler was unable to return back to his home, so decided to stay in the dimension.

All was well, except for the fact that The Omniversal traveler's next goal was achieving creator-level power.

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