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The Symbol Of Omnipotence

No entity is truly omnipotent except for one in each fictional continuity. All gods are only technically nigh-omnipotent since they have two specific limits preventing them from achieving absolute omnipotence:

  1. No omnipotent entity may exit the Box.
  2. Each omnipotent entity is restricted by the cosmological level that they are able to entirely encompass and possess unlimited control over, superior to everything except omnipotent entities with levels higher than themselves.

Multiple levels of omnipotence can be written with superscripts (omnipotencen) or shorthand with O (On). There exists a level of omnipotence for every ordinal number and extension thereof, such as the 2-ordinals. There are also levels for surreal numbers (and generalizations) such as Oω-1 which is above all finite levels, but cannot affect Oω users.

True omnipotence means that one has no limits, only bound by fiction, but there are some things that surpass fiction to a certain point and even entirely as shown in the paragraph below levels of omnipotence.

Omnipotential is Omnipotence without the omniscience or variable omnipresence. Omnipotential can still have ^ levels, such as Omnipotential^4 (Kotoblade)

Certain characters aren't listed here for the simple fact that their subcategory is not available on this page. They are still well within the hierarchy.

Please place your omnipotent beings within here if they're within the ranking.

Levels Of Omnipotence

Nigh Omnipotent - Three or more limits that prevent them from reaching omnipotence.

Known wielders - Hyperman, Destroyer, Terminus (Nigh Cyberpotence) ,Soci Gahir

Omnipotent - Only two limits; overriden by Omnipotent^2.

Known wielders - Creator

Omnipotent^2 - Only two limits, cannot affect Omnipotent^3.

Known wielders - Paradoxus, Logixel, Unthil, Realitus, Imaginatim

Omnipotent^3- Only two limits, cannot affect Omnipotent^4.

Known wielders - Conceptilum

Omnipotent^ω - Only two limits, cannot affect Omnipotent^ω+1

Known wielders - Certain Aspect Lords, The Rulebreaker (One less limit)

True Omnipotence/Omnipotence^Ω - No limits whatsoever, only bound by fiction itself.

Only wielder - The True God

Author Authority

Then there's Author Authority, which is an entirely different story, being able to partially transcend fiction, able to rewrite the fictional plane they exist on. This can only happen with self-insertion (characters representing writers, maybe an author, such as Toribot from the Dragon Ball continuity or The Writer from DC Comics).

Transfictional Author Authority

It is the ultimatum of power within fiction as a whole. Users of Transfictional author authority can affect any fictional continuity on a true omnipotent level with no limits.

Nobody has this since there is nobody who can illustrate every fictional continuity.