The Order of the Odhinites, or simply, the Odhinites are a civilization-like group of entities capable of using a mysterious force called magic.


Magic is one of the strangest things within the Omniverse, being different from any other kind of energy or force found in the Omniverse.

Magic is incredibly volatile and inconsistent. In localized areas, magic may have a more consistent nature, and even indistinguishable from the laws of physics in some places, but as a whole, it cannot be said to be a system, rather a noise that can be harnessed to do powerful feats. There are few laws on magic, due to the fact that magic is incredibly inconsistent. There is a single self-evident law, however, which forms the basis of all other deductions about its nature.

  • Magic is influenced by information around it. This means that magic works based on the psychological connections one makes, as well as symbols and patterns.

As a result understanding magic often weakens magic but may strengthen it in exceptional cases. Another consequence is that the larger the metaphorical distance a magician is from a given pattern, the weaker the effect of the magic.


The Odhinites occupy large swathes of land within the Wall and can be said to be like a civilization, creating cities and having strict laws. The Odhinites are rather mysterious, as their high-level magic and high-level figures are shrouded in mystery, presumably to keep their strength, as knowing too much about the high-level magic poses a big risk to the Odhinite's power. They are led by a being who ascended to god-like power named Odhin, the Wise One. It is said Odhin managed to increase his power to megaversal levels, becoming able to travel between gigaverses, from practicing magic. During Odhin's research and travels, however, Odhin lost an eye, for an unknown reason. The Odhinites form the largest magic-using group in the Omniverse. There exist innumerable smaller groups, but none have as much power as the Odhinites.

Interactions with other groups

The Odhinites, having harnessed such a powerful force such as magic, are a target for several groups. Most of the weaker ones were exterminated, but some of the more powerful ones, have now decided to ignore the Odhinites entirely, or are in a stalemate with them. Several other entities have also made the Odhinites concerned, such as the Omniversal Traveler, because exiting the Omniverse could amount to opening a floodgate, rendering the distance of magic from within the Omniverse from magic patterns or lack thereof outside of the Omniverse very short, rendering all current magic technologies useless. The Odhinites, who didn't think it was possible to exit the Omniverse without intervention from powerful beings such as Creator or Destroyer, immediately started spreading out and acting to prevent the exit of the Omniverse as much as possible, however, they were unable to prevent the Great Cosmic Republic from managing to exit the Omniverse. Because of this, the Great Cosmic Republic is one of the Odhinite's prime targets. 

The Mevalkagna have an interest in the Odhinites, because of their potentially Omniverse-dominating power. However, the Odhinites seem to not have the required power to dominate the Omniverse, and is still a smaller threat than the Great Cosmic Republic, due to their smaller size.

The Odhinites, due to their power, are a target of the Guardians of Aleph, not helped by the fact they have done numerous things to verse cores. The war between the Odhinites and the Guardians of Aleph is still ongoing to this day.


The Odhinites, in addition to being a group dedicated to the preservation of magic, also have a set of beliefs about the Omniverse. 

The Odhinites believe that magic was manifested into the Omniverse by the Child of Chaos, which was separated from Creator during the Divine Ground. The Child of Chaos presumably introduced magic as a way to help it reach its goal of making the Omniverse perfect.

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