The Galactic Mind is an immensely powerful galactic level cosmic entity in the form of a giant galaxy-sized brain.

Within the Galactic Mind are billions upon billions of stars each containing their own brains which act as nodes in giant network of biological computers deep in outer space.

Furthermore, the galactic mind is able to link itself with other members of its species creating a ginormous cosmic mind which includes all the people and creatures in every galaxy throughout the universe's history.

Due to its nature as part of a hive mind, the galactic mind is made of pure information which means that it cannot be destroyed through conventional means under any circumstances.

It's main source of power comes from its ability to tap into vast amounts of information which it can then use to do such things as control the space-time continuum, negate temporal paradoxes, create life, control matter and energy, exist without a body, move entire galaxies with its mind, manipulate matter at the informational level and transfer its essence into anything its incomprehensible mind can find.

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