The Divine Ground is the name for the birth of our Monocosm (also known as The Barrel), which is compromised of the Omniverse, the two Godverses, the Beyond Realm, and The Outside.


Creator and Destroyer had come from a place beyond the very concept of existence, even Beyond the Monocosm, where they had both helped in creating and destroying the mysterious structures within the unknown field of glimmers.

It was soon decided it was time (for lack of a better concept) to form their own personal realms. The two Gods formed their respective realms known as 'Godverses' to form their own plans. However, Destroyer sought not only to destroy the Creator's Godverse, but to cause unbalanced chaos within the non-existent, even The Outside. Destroyer sought to battle with Creator and determine who shall rule the Monocosm, however Creator's powers had just barely exceeded that of Destroyer's, and formed a humongous, nigh infinite singularity of existence; the Omniverse.

The newly formed reality nearly duplicated the power that of Creator itself, preventing any large scale interference from Destroyer. Now with only one more task, to create another 'internal reality' as Creator possessed with the Omniverse.

Over time, after the main part of The Divine Ground ended, Hyperman was given his own semi-godverse, The Beyond Realm.

Thus the Monocosm is complete, the rest as they say is history.

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