The Collectors are a group of entities that exist all across the Omniverse in many different forms. Despite having no apparent means of communication with each other, they all appear to be working towards a common goal, to radically alter the state of the Omniverse to what they believe to be its original state. However, there is no evidence of the Omniverse previously being in this state, other than the ontokinetic bubbles themselves.


The Collectors originated as entities within ontokinetic bubbles. The first collector's origin from before their sudden appearance within one of these ontokinetic bubbles is unknown, and most likely has never happened. These entities, augmented with power normally impossible or hard to create within the Omniverse banded together to change the laws of reality as to make many powers stronger, such as magic and ontokinetics.


The abilities of the Collectors are considered impossible or hard to recreate, and as such, they have special powers rarely seen within the Omniverse. A few examples would be ontokinetics. Ontokinetics is usually impossible without using a lot of energy, and even then, the effects are negligent. However, the Collectors somehow manage to use ontokinetics efficiently, using only a little energy.


The Collector's goals often conflict with many other groups for reasons listed here.

The Dealer

The Dealer possesses a deck of cards that the Collectors believe to be an essential part of rewriting reality, so the Dealer often encounters them. Usually, instead of trying to play with the Dealer, they try to take the cards from him. The Dealer usually prevents this from happening, and even if it does, the Dealer can manage to recover the cards. The Collectors pose one of the only major threats to the Dealer.


The Mevalkagna are concerned about the Collectors' powers and believe they may cause a threat to omniversal plurality if enhanced enough, but they are mostly not worried about the Collectors. However, the Collectors consider the Mevalkagna as a dangerous enemy to their cause and believe they have artifacts that are necessary to help them reach their goals.

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