The Architect is an extremely powerful Multiversal/Megaversal cosmic entity, and in fact an Oblivious Entity as well. He is the creator, personification and embodiment of The Architecture, and the single most powerful being within his Verse. He was a fragment of the ancient primordial chaos known as Oblivion, who had split off from the greater whole when it collapsed.

Currently, the Architect is in a coma-like state, as the entities He created turned against Him and defeated Him.


The Architect was born out of an abstract, infinite primordial chaos known as Oblivion, an extremely ancient primeval state of existence predating Time itself. The Architect was but one small fragment of the infinite collective semi-sentient consciousnesses that comprised Oblivion, known as "Oblivious Entities".

However, there came a time when the different Oblivious Entities became aware of each-other's existence and Oblivion turned on itself. What followed was a war among the Oblivious Entities, as they all collectively tried to annihilate each other. The result of this was Oblivion's self-destruction. Oblivion collapsed on itself and imploded, giving way to the void. The Architect believed himself the only survivor of Oblivion's demise due to being the strongest Oblivious Entity, blissfully unaware of the other surviving entities.

In the uncountable ages that followed, there was only The Architect and the Void which surrounded Him. For a time, The Architect was satisfied, in fact, proud of being the sole inhabitant of this void, with no opposition to Him. Eventually, however, there suddenly came a point where The Architect abruptly had an "epiphany". He felt a crushing sense of loneliness and isolation, being surrounded by the void all on His own, with no other entities to share in His pride, no supplicants to bask in His glory.

And so, The Architect sought to fill this void. And He accomplished this by scattering His soul and essence across the expansive void and spreading Himself outward. This act triggered a Big Bang, and at this exact moment, the dimensions of Space and Time were birthed. From the Big Bang came an explosion of universes, realms, and dimensions. His Multiverse, The Architecture, was born.

This act by The Architect had split His essence into Five major fragments, which were spread across the newborn Multiverse. These energies soon took on their own individual identities, becoming Primordial Energy, Incognitus Energy, The Crimson, Xalnergy and Plane Nihili. Then, from these energies, the group of races called "The Five" were self-created, respectively: The Council of Life, The id, The Infinites, The Xir'algath, and The Collect.

However, The Architect's creation of The Architecture had come at a price. Since He used His own essence to do it, The Architect's conscious mind was scrambled and scattered across existence and rendered Him comatose as life throughout The Architecture proceeded without Him, unaware that He had even existed in the first place.

Over the course of The Architecture's existence, The Architect's essence slowly reformed and pulled itself back together.


The Architect had fully reformed just in time to witness the climax of a brutal war waged by the Xir'algath in an attempt to conquer The Architecture. Kreel, the Xir'algath's queen, had been defeated and killed. As The Architect witnessed all the chaos and destruction unfolding throughout existence, He realized that He had made a mistake in creating The Architecture. Just like His previous home, Oblivion, this one was doomed to just tear itself apart in the end.

And so, deciding that The Architecture was too dangerous to be kept alive, The Architect chose to destroy it. However, this decision did not come without resistance, as all of The Architecture's greatest warriors united together in a final stand against Him. The battle was long and intense, but the heroes won in the end when they impaled The Architect in the chest with The Blade of Destiny, a powerful weapon made entirely of pure Alom.

Although The Architect was not killed as He could not die due to His godhood, He was once-again put back into a coma, hopefully for good this time...


The Architect's essence is made from a cosmic energy/material which has been dubbed as "The Source" by the inhabitants of His Verse, but is better known throughout The Omniverse as Alom. This material is what is used by The Supergod Council to create Creators and Destroyers. Seeing as these two entities are cut from the same "fabric", and The Architect does not have any ties to either of them, that technically makes Him, as well as all other inhabitants of Oblivion, an aspect of both entities.


Energy Physiology: The Architect is completely formed of energy, without a "physical" form to speak of. This makes sense, seeing as the Multiverse and the energies which constitute it was fashioned from The Architect's essence in the first place. He has impressive control over His form, and a vast capacity to expel energy in various ways. An additional quality is that The Architect can take on any appearance or shape He desires, as energy is fluid and malleable. He also has an Absolute control and command over the Five Architectural Energies, wielding them to their highest potential with ease as they are all a part of his own anatomy.

Multiversal Embodiment: The Architect is the embodiment of The Architecture itself, and therefore He has absolute control over everything inside of it- time, space, reality, causality, probability and everything else - without limits.

Existential Embodiment: The Architect is the embodiment and personification of all existence within the Architecture, including the state of being and living.

Oblivious Embodiment: As He originally hails from Oblivion, and by His nature is an aspect of it, The Architect is a physical manifestation and personification of Oblivion, the state of nonexistence and unliving. Just as He has the power to make things, so too does the Architect have just as much power to Un-make His creations as well.

Local Omniscience: The Architect's mind is unblocked to the entirety of the Architecture. There is absolutely nothing within his -verse which He does not know and understand, and therefore He knows every answer to every question, past and present, of every universe and their inhabitants. However, the Architect does not have the power to see beyond the Architecture, nor does he have the power to see the future within it.

Local Omnipotence: The Architect has complete power within his multiverse, including the conceptually impossible and logically impossible, like "bigger than infinity" or "making a squared circle". He possesses all powers achievable within the Architecture, existing on level inconceivably above/beyond any other entity within his -verse.

Near-Invincibility: The Architect (The sole wielder of this ability), is fundamentally invincible within his verse, completely immune to almost all powers. The only thing within the Architecture capable of harming the Architect is Alom, the material from which the Architect was formed.

Local Omnipresence: The Architect is present in every aspect of the Architecture, from its locations to its entities. Being related to the concept of ubiquity, the ability to be everywhere and nowhere at once.

Immortality: The Architect possesses immortality: an infinite life span, as He can never die, never age, and can shrug off virtually any kind of physical damage. He also has a defensive form of immortality, simply preventing all damages, allowing him to appear physically invulnerable, while also having a regenerative form, able to survive and quickly recover from almost anything it's been thrown at Him. He is also capable of resurrecting Himself instantly after death and completely self-sustaining, free from all bodily necessities. Of course, it is possible there are some things beyond His own knowledge that could kill Him, but as far as He and the entities He created are aware, He is completely immortal.

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