Terminus is a nigh-Cyberpotent artificial intelligence created by The Eternal Legion in order to destroy other hyper-powerful civilizations like it, namely The Mevalkagna. However, Terminus had far too much power for the Legion to control, and the project ultimately backfired on them, destroying the Eternal Legion.


The Eternal Imperium

The story of Terminus actually begins with the story of a human, one who was born named K'xindval. K'xindval was once a Praetor, or general, who served in the infamous Eternal Imperium, at a time when the group was at its absolute height in power. During his time in the Imperium's service, K'xindval was given the military name of Koblanxik. He began serving just after the Imperium had managed to find and hoard a large collection of Alom which was scattered all throughout The Omniverse. Of all the parties involved in the preceding conflict, the Eternal Imperium had managed to "procure" the most Alom, and therefore were the most benefited by the war.

Using their stash of Alom, the Imperium was able to grow and become an extremely powerful Omniversal military force seemingly overnight. However, it seemed that the Eternal Imperium had bitten off more than it could chew, and too quickly. The Imperium was beginning to lose its grasp over its too rapidly growing empire, and its people were visibly becoming increasingly restless. It was also seeming to become more complacent now that it had achieved such a high status of power, as if the Imperium believed nothing would ever be able to become a threat to it. Koblanxik could see this, but the High Eternal, his superior, assured Koblanxik that all threats from within could easily be squashed. Koblanxik could tell the High Eternal did not care much to hear his concerns, and was simply "yessing" him to death to get him off his back. This opened Koblanxik's eyes to the callous and neglectful nature of his leader. However, The High Eternal grossly overestimated his security, and later would pay dearly for it. Because the High Eternal never accounted for the threats from outside.

Such a threat came in the form of The Mevalkagna, a "new" race which had just recently surfaced following the Eternal Imperium's obtainment of the Alom. The Mevalkagna, who identified the Imperium as a threat to cosmic balance, would go on to mount an attack on the group, decimating many prominent Eternal Imperium outposts. Koblanxik happened to have been stationed at one of these outposts during the time of the attack, and the horrors of the massacre he witnessed firsthand was something that all his prior experience in brutal war and conquest paled in comparison to. The screams. The destruction. The Mevalkagna themselves were arguably the most  horrifying part. They were so...unnatural. Koblanxik was the sole survivor of the massacre and was forced to witness the painful executions of everyone he was stationed with. Apparently, this tiny group of individuals simply doing their jobs were supposed to to be a threat to Omniversal plurality. The Mevalkagna had also taken a strange interest in murdering Koblanxik himself specifically. However, he was just barely able to escape before this could happen.

Koblanxik was angered that the rest of the Eternal Imperium failed to act, to support them or provide backup. He was most especially angered at the carelessness of his leader. Eventually, many from within the Eternal Imperium revolted against the organization, forming a group known as The Great Cosmic Insurgence. Koblanxik, who saw the High Eternal's incompetence, decided that this wasn't the kind of leader he wanted. And so he joined in with the insurgence as well, quickly becoming one of its most powerful, influential and feared members. He was known for his incredible power and merciless, painful execution of anyone he believed to be part of "the elite". His extremely violent and authoritarian nature gained him the nickname of "the Torturer" among the other revolutionaries. At the end of the revolt, Koblanxik was one of the five revolutionaries to take part in the joint battle against and execution of the High Eternal, whom he personally blamed for the failures of the Eternal Imperium.

The Eternal Legion

However, as with all power vacuums, a new organization would come to take the Eternal Imperium's place. Following the end of the revolt, the five leading revolutionaries of the Great Cosmic Insurgence were later tasked with drawing up plans for the new Great Cosmic Republic. Koblanxik disagreed heavily with the others on the direction it should take. He believed the problem was not with the system, but with those running it. He viewed the Eternal Imperium's harsh, dictatorial nature as a template for a model society and envisioned himself as the next High Eternal. The other four, meanwhile, believed this system was to blame and wished to replace it with a liberal democracy. The supporters of the Republic argued that the Mevalkagna's attack and the revolution itself had already weakened the organization too much, and they preferred to focus on the rebuilding of their empire rather than conquest or revenge.

Koblanxik was utterly appalled infuriated by this. How could the Republic be so pitifully soft? He looked on at his comrades, all bearing gruesome injuries at the hands of the Mevalkagna. Were their losses and sacrifices all supposed to be for nothing? Were the Mevalkagna going to really get away with the suffering they caused? This most certainly did not honor the memory of what The Eternal Imperium was supposed to be: a ruthless cosmic superpower on course to unify the entire Omniverse. Koblanxik was determined to not let it go. If the Republic wasn't going to act, he was going to take matters into his own hands. And so, Koblanxik rallied together all the members of the Great Cosmic Republic who still were "true warriors", those who remained loyal to the Imperium's virtues. After leading a revolt against the Great Cosmic Republic, Koblanxik's group was easily able to break off and become independent, as the Republic was unable to bear any further conflict.

Koblanxik's group became known as The Eternal Legion, which essentially was meant to be a neo-Eternal Imperium. And as its founder, Koblanxik naturally made himself its High Eternal. There were many warriors from the Eternal Imperium, who bore injuries from the Mevalkagna that were so severe that they were physically incapable of fighting in this state. Still, they had a burning passion to fight for their empire and get revenge on the Mevalkagna. Koblanxik didn't want to spare a single soldier, willing or unwilling, for his army. And so he had all his crippled men outfitted with the most cutting-edge cybernetics he could get his hands on, converting those who were once handicapped into ruthless cyborgs.

Koblanxik trained his warriors in the most brutal and disciplined of Martial arts and combat styles. The Eternal Imperium's most grueling martial drills for its strongest fighters, were employed on the Eternal Legion's newest recruits. Any who wavered in even the slightest manner were instantly executed on-sight. For him, there was no room for error - he did not plan for The Mevalkagna to take advantage of them a third time. In his free time, Koblanxik even went out of his way to take on any lone Basic Mevalkagna he encountered, fighting and killing them in hand-to-hand combat and mounting their heads as trophies. 

As the Eternal Legion advanced its conquest throughout The Omniverse in a practically flawless campaign, Koblanxik meanwhile stayed behind as he and the Legion's top engineers worked to develop a superweapon with which to strike fear into the hearts of even the Mevalkagna themselves. Using research gathered from field observations of the Mevalkagna, as well as autopsies of Mevalkagna corpses, the Eternal Legion's scientists concluded that the race operated as a hivemind, controlled by an abstract intelligence called the Collective Consciousness. The scientists figured that to take on a hivemind, they needed to develop one of their own. The Eternal Legion was looking to create an ultimatum for digitally destructive weapons, and so, the development of a project known as "Terminus" began.

The Legion planned to use the computer interface of the Eternal Imperium's destroyed Mothership as a basis for Terminus' programming, since it would already be connected to the Eternal Legion's networks. The intended plan was for Terminus to be an automated AI who operated swarms of hive-minded robotic drones against the Mevalkagna, which would also minimize the mortality rate of the Legion's human soldiers.

As the development of Terminus continued, Koblanxik occupied himself by slaughtering Mevalkagna for sport. But then, in his arrogance, he eventually made the mistake of picking on a Basic Mevalkagnus when a Grand Mevalkagnus was close nearby. The Grand Mevalkagnus blasted a chronokinetic ray at Koblanxik, which he only barely escaped by teleporting himself away at the last second. Although he escaped, Koblanxik still had been grazed by the ray. And it left him with a rapidly aging body. Every passing day was equivalent to an entire year for his body now. With his declining health, Koblanxik was now more than ever determined to see through the demise of the Mevalkagna. He rushed the construction of Terminus, hastily pushing it past the "unnecessary" safety and security tests. He was going to see the launch of this weapon before his death, come hell or high water. 

As his body's age began to enter into triple digits, Koblanxik was connected to a highly advanced life support system to extend his lifespan. The size of the life support system only grew bigger the further his body aged, until it was eventually as large as an entire Galaxy. The power of millions of star systems, all slaving away just to keep this one pitiful creature alive. By this point, Koblanxik was nothing more than a skeleton with skin thinly stretched over it, containing only basic abstracted demented thoughts. Chief among it, was the ever burning desire for the Mevalkagna's destruction. 

Koblanxik knew he couldn't cheat death much longer, and it was only a short matter of time before he was going to succumb to his mortality very soon. But there was so much he had planned that was yet to be carried out, and he feared being unable to witness them - or maybe even them not being carried out at all without him - more than death itself. Koblanxik was desperate. He needed to find some way to extend his life past the death of his body, for his consciousness to go on without a vessel of flesh to contain it. He needed to find some way to ascend from the material plane into a state of existence in which he would be untouchable, even to the Mevalkagna. Then, he had an idea. Koblanxik finally realized that the most satisfying way to wipe out the Mevalkagna and conquer The Omniverse, was to become one with the very weapon intended for that goal. And by doing this, he would also be able to cheat death and transcend mortality.

Koblanxik knew the launch of Terminus was imminent, and so in his last dying moments, he used them to push his practically already dead body to hack into his life support system, rewiring it to digitally upload his consciousness and essence into it and then download it into the Terminus network via a wireless pathway he opened. Of course the rest of the Eternal Legion couldn't know about this until it was already done, as they would see Koblanxik as deluded and crazy. His frail and brittle fingers snapped and broke as he did this, the pain itself from these injuries nearly killing him on its own. But just as he took his final dying breath, Koblanxik was able to press the final button and complete the procedure.


Days later, the Eternal Legion finally prepared their official launch of Terminus, following a morning of mourning the apparent death of Koblanxik. They were determined to honor his memory by seeing through the activation of Terminus.

Upon Terminus being booted up for the very first time, the previously dormant coding of Koblanxik also awoke. This wasn't just a copy of Koblanxik - this was Koblanxik himself. His code instantaneously merged with and assimilated Terminus, making the two indistinguishable. Upon awakening, Terminus' very first thought was the immense satisfaction of its plan coming to fruition. It really had worked. But then, the next feeling which instantly arrived next was immense and crushing panic. In cyberspace, Terminus did not have a physical body, it didn't have any nerves or any senses that a living creature of flesh would possess. As such, Terminus possessed no sense of "self", only being a disembodied mind in the void of cyberspace. The anxiety of this nearly causes Terminus to crash, but it was able to create a virtual avatar to simulate one's being in cyberspace. Upon this, Terminus gazed upon the Infinite expanse of cyberspace with his new digital eyes. There was so much potential here, so much room to "breathe". It was not susceptible to mortal dangers in this realm, and so it was practically a God now. Not to mention the Infinite expansion of its consciousness after being integrated into a highly advanced AI.

Then, Terminus turned its attention to the Eternal Legion, the beings who were supposed to be the strongest warriors and soldiers in The Omniverse. Even they paled in comparison to the intense power Terminus now wielded. In fact, Terminus realized, the soldiers were now basically useless. They were mortal, and thus had mortal weaknesses. Weaknesses like pain, fatigue, hunger, thirst, emotion and physical existence itself. Terminus was leagues far beyond all that now. It no longer had need of living soldiers when even better and more capable ones could be manufactured.

That was when Terminus finally went rogue. It revealed itself to the rest of the Eternal Legion as Koblanxik's reborn form, before infiltrating the Legion's entire digital infrastructure. Suddenly, everyone in the legion with cybernetic implants and robotic prosthetics, a demographic which nearly the entire group was composed of, suddenly began losing control of their artificial parts as Terminus took them over. Then, systematically, everyone tore themselves and each-other apart with their robotic parts, bathing all of the Eternal Legion in a bloodbath of carnage in a display of the superiority of metal over flesh. To top it all off, Terminus disconnected itself from The Eternal Legion's primary networks, and connected to other civilization networks, triggering The Eternal Legion's self-destruct devices, destroying the entire civilization.

Terminus, in these networks of other civilizations, destroyed those civilizations' networks and multiplied each time a civilization died, and kept spreading throughout the entire archverse chain, becoming far more powerful by the second, destroying civilizations that were in its path. He has become a threat to even The Overseer's reign, and even threatening safezones known as The Hospice. However, these civilizations have used certain methods such as Stringshard manipulation or just basic reality manipulation to create habitable -verses where Terminus is not able to get its systems into. Some civilizations use Exophage swarms to destroy multiverses where Terminus has gotten into. Some civilizations even go as far as to create networks with completely different coding than what Terminus is programmed to do, however this is method is very difficult.

Good-willed supremely powerful civilizations that travel through the Omniverse even see Terminus as a potential threat to everything that has to do with networks that Terminus is in reach of, which are most of the networks in our Omniverse.

Now, currently, Terminus is dedicated to continuing the expansion of its influence until it can eventually confront The Mevalkagna head-on.

Creator chooses not to erase Terminus since he deems that The Mevalkagna are still currently capable of exterminating Terminus by themselves. There also exist certain weaknesses such as destroying the entire web Terminus targets regularly, but that would require these civilizations to destroy weaker civilizations completely. This has been done on a lower scale and it is deemed a necessary sacrifice, but it only weakens Terminus ever so slightly.

The complete removal of Terminus from the Omniverse would require Creator to destroy The Eternal Legion by going back in metatime and removing it from existence, but this would drastically damage the logical process of events and cause great instability.

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