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The square tiling is a regular tiling formed of a plane filled with squares. It has a Schläfli symbol of , as four squares join at each vertex. Its bowers acronym is squat.


There are nine different uniform colorings of the square tiling (in which the colors around each vertex are the same).

The following numbers label the colors around each vertex clockwise (for example "1212" shows that as you go clockwise around a vertex you find a square with color 1, then color 2, then color 1, then color 2 again, then it repeats).

The nine uniform colorings are:

  • 1111 - this is the regular form.
  • 1212 - this can be formed from the rectified square tiling, or .
  • 1213 - this can be formed as the cantellated square tiling or .
  • 1122
  • 1234
  • 2 types of 1112
  • 2 types of 1123


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