A space is an extent with or without bound that objects can located in using a coordinate system. The minimum number of coordinates needed to locate an object inside the space is known as the spatial dimensionality of said space. Distances between objects in space with at least one dimension are measured with units of length. The totality of all objects within the space, including the continuum of space itself and all other dimensions connected to it such as time is known as a -verse, therefore it can be seen as one of the components that forms a verse.

The term "space" is often used to refer to a 3-dimensional space, though the term "realm" can be used to differentiate between the two (though realm could also refer to a -verse or space with a specific purpose).

The term "space" can also be used to refer to outer space, which is the space throughout the universe between celestial bodies.

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Hyperbolic space

$ \mathbb H^{n} $

Hyperbolic plane

$ \mathbb H^{2} $

Hyperbolic realm

$ \mathbb H^{3} $

Hyperbolic flune

$ \mathbb H^{4} $

Hyperbolic pentrealm

$ \mathbb H^{5} $

Hyperbolic hexealm

$ \mathbb H^{6} $

Hyperbolic heptealm

$ \mathbb H^{7} $

Hyperbolic octealm

$ \mathbb H^{8} $

Hyperbolic ennealm

$ \mathbb H^{9} $

Hyperbolic decealm

$ \mathbb H^{10} $

... Hyperbolic omegealm

$ \mathbb H^{\aleph_0} $

Euclidean space

$ \mathbb R^{n} $


$ \mathbb R^{0} $

Euclidean line

$ \mathbb R^{1} $

Euclidean plane

$ \mathbb R^{2} $

Euclidean realm

$ \mathbb R^{3} $

Euclidean flune

$ \mathbb R^{4} $

Euclidean pentrealm

$ \mathbb R^{5} $

Euclidean hexealm

$ \mathbb R^{6} $

Euclidean heptealm

$ \mathbb R^{7} $

Euclidean octealm

$ \mathbb R^{8} $

Euclidean ennealm

$ \mathbb R^{9} $

Euclidean decealm

$ \mathbb R^{10} $

... Euclidean omegealm

$ \mathbb R^{\aleph_0} $


$ \mathbb S^{n} $

Point pair

$ \mathbb S^{0} $


$ \mathbb S^{1} $


$ \mathbb S^{2} $


$ \mathbb S^{3} $


$ \mathbb S^{4} $


$ \mathbb S^{5} $


$ \mathbb S^{6} $


$ \mathbb S^{7} $


$ \mathbb S^{8} $


$ \mathbb S^{9} $


$ \mathbb S^{10} $

... Omegasphere

$ \mathbb S^{\aleph_0} $

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