Qo is a primordial entity originally designed by Abstractil to rule the omniverse. It was built according to the principle that Xenixel had already designed a perfect omniverse and that all that was left to do was to maintain its structure as Xenixel travelled to conquer other monocosms, and this is what it did, using the reality-bending aspects of Alom to ensure that everything that was true remained true and everything that was false remained false.

Empiroxus, however, wanted entities within the omniverse to have some free will, something incompatible with Xenixel (who directly controlled all decisions) or Qo (who would never tolerate an entity making a different decision than the one they were going to do) as a ruler. So Empiroxus, in agreement with Abstractil, built the Creator, who would make new archverses where things go differently, with Qo taking a role constantly pruning these archverses to ensure that the omniverse remains balanced.

In most cases, though, the Creator, sensing Qo as a threat to creation, killed it, consuming it to grow more powerful and exploding the omniverse into nonsensical imbalance before quickly being reset by the Supergods. Qo, unwilling to change facts relating to its relative power compared to Creator (or, later, to pursue advantages over Creator before Creator could grow more powerful than it), could do nothing to avoid this.

After losing enough altercations with the Creator, Abstractil, disgraced, dismantled Qo, and scattered the Alom that formerly made up its essense into Oblivion. The Supergod Council would later use lessons learned from Qo's destructive powers to design the Destroyer, who clashes with the Creator to this day.

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