Primordial Energy

Primordial energy is one of the Five Architectural Energies. It is from this energy that all life and light in the Multiverse known as The Architecture originates. Primordial Energy originates from The Primordia Lucis. Primordial energy exists in all matter in The Multiverse, at some capacity or another. But when used in concentration, that is when its true power is revealed.


Primordial energy is described as being a bright, glowing golden energy. For an unknown reason, Primordial energy is the only thing in The Multiverse that can permanently degenerate and destroy a Xir'algath's cells. However, it has been theorized that the reason may have something to do with The Xir'algath being associated with Xalnergy, the polar opposite of Primordial Energy.


While "Primordial Energy" is the generally used term for this energy as a collective, it in fact comes in different grades and types, each with a unique name:

Grade 0- Primortia Energy: The purest form of Primordial Energy, which comes directly from the crystals of The Primortia Lucis. This grade has all the abilities of the lower grades, with the most effectiveness and potency. This is the only type of Primordial Energy that can actually kill Xir'algath, while lower grades will only temporarily harm them.

Grade 1- Primordial Sanatio: The second purest form, designed to enhance life-giving and healing abilities.

Grade 2- Primordial Potentia: The third purest form, designed to enhance offensive qualities, such as explosiveness and other damaging effects. This version is mainly utilized in large-scale weapons and attacks.

Grade 3- Primordial Humilis: The most impure form of primordial energy. This is what is used by The Council of Life for their tools and weapons.


Additionally, there is also a process of extracting and refining Primordial Energy. Since The Primordia Lucis is a large crystalline structure, the energy is emitted from within the crystal itself. So the energy has to be extracted from this crystal.

First, smaller crystal shards, known as "Lux Crystali"(Also commonly known as "Primordial Crystals"), are either collected after breaking away from The Primordia Lucis or are directly mined from the structure. The supply and mass of the Primordia Lucis constantly replenish itself, so depletion of resources is not a concern. Sometimes Lux Crystali is used for its own individual purposes, such as being used in anti-Xir'algath weapons, so some of these crystals will sometimes be put aside for a separate process. Then, the crystals enter a refinery machine, where the energy is extracted from them. This energy will then be used in whatever purpose it may be needed for.

All members of The Council of Life have a natural command over Primordial energy, and it can be produced directly from their bodies in its purest form.


Primordial Energy, as previously stated, is used for different purposes depending on its grade. Generally, it is used in advanced technology and tools by The Council of Life, as well as some other advanced races in The Architecture. However, it can also be used as an offensive weapon.

In ancient times on Earth, there had been some attempts by early civilizations to harness and wield the power of Primordial Sanatio with their own bodies, calling the energy different names depending on the culture. However, very few succeeded in this endeavor, with only the Atlanteans being the only major human race to harness it on a mass scale. This is due mainly to the fact that Primordial energy naturally repels electricity, and humans have electrical charges in their neurons and nerves, and that the Atlanteans had learned their technique from an advanced Alien race. The reason the Atlanteans may have been adept in Primordial Sanatio is that they may have had a genetic trait which reduced the amount of electricity occurring in their bodies.

After the fall of Atlantis, the small handful of survivors took refuge in Egypt, where they passed on what fragments of their knowledge they retained regarding the art to the local magicians.

Additionally, some prominent religious figures on Earth were reportedly recorded to have practiced a technique much similar to those practiced by the Atlanteans. If these claims are proven to be true, then they were no doubt well-versed in the Atlanteans' healing arts. It is in fact rumored that there exist certain mortal beings, who in ancient times had harnessed the power of Primordial Energy to such a degree that their souls became one with it, and they spiritually ascended to a seemingly god-like status and were worshipped as deities.

Today, various modern healing arts exist that attempt to replicate what the Atlanteans had originally accomplished. But while they may no-doubt be effective, they are nowhere near as powerful and potent as the original Atlantean art. Additionally, the frequency of the energy in these arts has been altered from its original state due to the loss of some ancient knowledge. Now, the frequency of the energy is different depending on which healing art is implementing it.

Whatever its use, the raw, righteous power of Primordial Energy cannot be denied.

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