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Oblivion was once a dumping ground Monocosm utilized by the old Supergod Council for disposing of waste Alom and deceased monocosmic gods. Eventually the concentration of Alom made Oblivion transform into infinite, semi-sentient Primordial chaos. It, however, ultimately turned on itself and imploded after gaining self-awareness, and it now technically no longer exists anymore.


When The Supergod Council created Monocosmic gods such as Creators and Destroyers, they did so using a material known as Alom.

The process itself of creating monocosmic gods, as invented by Xenixel, was roughly as follows:

The Supergods would take an Omnipotency Capsule and break it open, before extracting the Alomic being from within. They then proceeded to remove the being's entire "brain", a process which was not painless whatsoever. Then, they took raw Alom and formed it into a completely new brain, with certain programming specific to a Creator or Destroyer or any other type of god, before inserting that brain into the empty husk. Then, finally, the being was "sculpted" and "molded", typically with the use of more raw Alom,  into a form specific to their type (e.g a certain shape and color for a Creator or Destroyer) before they were "activated".

Of course, this process was considered very unethical and abusive by many of the other Supergods, who secretly followed a less harmful method proposed by Abstractil behind Xenixel's back. Peralitus of course still followed Xenixel's original method however, exactly to the letter. And thus, an Infinite amount of monocosmic gods were still created in this way. And a dilemma was soon presented. The creation of all these gods left behind a lot of leftover scraps of junk Alom. And there was also a problem with the deaths of monocosmic gods leaving behind Alom as well. After being manipulated for the purposes of creating the Monocosmic gods, or after said gods dying, the Alom could not just be simply recycled for use in the creation of other gods, due to issues with potential contamination and impurity as well as structural problems in the composition of the used Alom. Alom was also not a material that could easily be destroyed, even by Omnipotent^3 Supergods. It was possible for Supergods to manually destroy it, but it was too long and inconvenient of a process. And there did not exist anywhere conveniently close enough to dump the corpses or waste. And simply dumping the waste right outside the Beyond Bubble would not only be polluting the environment, but it would also attract alom-feeding predators which would pose a threat to the safety - and more importantly stability - of the cohort.

And so, the brilliant foolproof idea was proposed by Xenixel to just take all the Alomic waste, and simply chuck it into an empty uninhabited monocosm which they could freely continue to dump it in, essentially using it as a cosmic trash can.  From then on, all the Omnipotency capsule brains and Alom scraps from Xenixel's method, as well as the corpses of destroyed prototype gods like Qos and naturally deceased gods were cast into the monocosm.

This high concentration of Alom, a material from which Gods are literally made, was bound to generate life and consciousness of some degree, even if unintentionally. This was an egregiously incompetent oversight on Xenixel's part, and even despite the warnings of many other Supergods - most notably Empiroxus, who was the most vocal on the issue - Xenixel simply waved them away in dismissal, repeatedly assuring them all he would "take it out later". Of course, "later" would never come, primarily because Xenixel refused to take the other Supergods' concerns into consideration. They were being too unnecessarily paranoid, he figured, and he thought it would be very unlikely for anything to come to life, especially considering that it was the remains of dead beings which were dumped there. Besides, there did not appear to be any other avenue of disposing of the Alom which wouldn't detract or jeopardize the maintenance of the cohort's stability. The rest of the Supergods were too intimidated by Xenixel to take matters into their own hands, and thus things continued as they were, even as the monocosm started to fill up past its capacity. 

Over time, the discarded Alom began forming together, taking on a collective yet separate series of consciousnesses from the fractured memories and personalities of all the lifeforms from which the Alom originated. This amalgamated pile of semi-sentient aspects came to form into the primordial chaos known as Oblivion. Even from the very beginning, almost immediately upon forming consciousness, Oblivion's "soul" was an extremely conflicted one. Some fragments of Oblivion, those who came from the gods created by Abtractil's more humane method, viewed the Supergods as its "parents", who took care of it and nurtured it with Alom as nutritional food. Then at the same time, there were also the fragments of Oblivion which originated from the failed prototype gods that were dismantled and discarded. These parts felt degraded and useless, like failed experiments(which they technically were) that were never cared for. And then, some of the most complete and sentient minds present within Oblivion were the former consciousnesses of the Omnipotency Capsules mutilated by Xenixel and Peralitus. They had no knowledge of the Supergods who had chosen to spare them and only knew of the two who cruelly tore their minds from their bodies and unknowingly damned them to eternal suffering within Oblivion.

When Xenixel discovered that Oblivion had come alive, he looked down upon it in a mixture of shock and repulsion. At this point, he could no longer deny the fact that it was unsafe and irresponsible for the council to dump their Alom waste there anymore, fearing that they could make Oblivion powerful enough to become a Beyond-tier threat if enough Alom was fed to it. And so, he sealed off the monocosm from the rest Beyond, making it isolated and self-contained so that the chaos of Oblivion would not seep into other nearby Monocosms like some kind of cosmic oil spill. He did not know or care for any of Oblivion's own thoughts or desires. He had the mindset of "out of sight, out of mind", just wanting to be rid of the perceived abomination.

This act had a detrimental effect on Oblivion's immature, childlike psyche. The part of it which looked up to the Supergods as parents felt a crushing sense of betrayal and abandonment, thinking that its "parents" thought it to be disgusting and no longer wanted it. Oblivion had been oblivious to the cruel, true nature of its life. And thus, in some way or another, now the entirety Oblivion felt an unyielding rage and bitter resentment against the Supergods which began to take root. However, still lacking the knowledge of the nature of Oblivion or the larger Beyond Bubble, they had no way to act on these thoughts, and thus receded into a state of near-stagnant dormancy.

After Xenixel informed the other Supergods of Oblivion's condemning, this of course was Empiroxus' perfect chance for an "I told you so", which he eagerly took. But the rest of the supergods didn't voice their personal opinions, too fearful of Xenixel to do so. Then, begrudgingly, Xenixel officially abolished his former method of designing and creating monocosmic gods, and issued the order for the entire Council to instead officially adopt Abstractil's "inferior" method, a process which was more "eco-friendly" and left behind no extra Alom and this provided no need for a place to dispose of it.

Over time, small fragments of Oblivion would begin to gain sentience independent from the rest of the whole of Oblivion, known as "Oblivious Entities". For the longest time, the Oblivious Entities simply were, and they remained blissfully unaware of the existence of each-other nor either themselves. It was during this time that Oblivion was subconsciously stewing, both literally and figuratively, over what had been done to it.  Then, eventually, a catastrophic event known as the mass Beyond Bubble Collapse occurred. The immense force of the disruptive cataclysm essentially provided a "wake-up call" to Oblivion, and after finally realizing the true nature of its purpose and life, Oblivion suddenly became self-aware of its true self, tearing itself apart with madness. What followed was a war among the Oblivious Entities, a battle of Wills, as they all collectively attempted to annihilate both each-other and even themselves. The result of this was Oblivion's self-destruction. Oblivion collapsed on itself and imploded, giving way to a mass of Interdimensional Voids between itself. As Oblivion tore itself apart, all the Oblivious Entities were expelled into an infinite set of self-contained Archversal voids throughout the monocosm. Due to this, each of the Oblivious Entities believed themselves to be the only survivor of Oblivion's demise, unaware of each-other's survival as they went on to create their own Verses within their Voids...


The best and most simple way to describe Oblivion is that it is a primordial soup of the gestating essences of dead, unborn and half-born semi-sentient gods which, together, formed a collective hive mind. That is, until Oblivion became self-aware and the individual entities realized their own identities.

Oblivion never had any rigid structures, nor even celestial bodies of any kind for that matter, as it was ever-changing amorphous chaos. The only constant in Oblivion was the monocosmic barrier- not even a part of it- surrounding the chaos which separated it from the rest of Beyond

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