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A Monocosm is the name for the Soupcount Archverse above and containing the Omniverse. Our Monocosm includes one Omniverse, two Godverses, the Beyond Realm, and The Outside.

Our Monocosm is known as The Barrel.


The contents in the Monocosms throughout Beyond are variable. There can be more Omniverses, more or less Godverses, no Beyond Realm, etc.

Different Monocosms can also have different properties, like Universes in a Multiverse. The different Omniverses within other Monocosms can have completely separate forms of existence completely alien to our own understanding of reality on a scale not visible within an Omniverse.


Monocosms are initially created by The Supergod Council and contain nothing more than the Outside and single Creator and Destroyer within it. The contents of the Monocosm (such as the Omniverses and Godverses) are then created through a process known in the Barrel as The Divine Ground.

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