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A mobile -verse is a -verse of any kind that can move through the -verse containing it, or even enter others. For example, a universe that could fly through the Interdimensional Void within its multiverse, or enter other multiverses, would be considered mobile. This is just one way among several on which universes can be classified.

Mobile -verses have four main types.

Type 0

This is the base case that all the -verses inside a larger -verse are possibly in constant motion, either "orbiting" each other or larger structures that exist outside of them in a similar way to solar systems or galaxies inside a universe. Multiverses (or larger types of -verses) like this could be the common case or they could be quite rare with most of them being much more static in nature.

Type I

Type I mobile -verses, sometimes called driftverses, are not actually controlled in their movement, being subject to unusual laws of physics or the like that cause them to float aimlessly through space. They resemble bits of flotsam drifting along "currents" through the interdimensional void. They can be dangerous to other -verses, as a direct impact with a driftverse can cause a crossover event.

Type II

Type II mobile -verses, sometimes called cellverses, are self-contained organisms like bacteria or eukaryotic cells, and are capable of propelling themselves in different directions according to their own thoughts. A cellverse may use massive quantum thrusters, metamesonium reactors, or portals, or perhaps simpler, more organic-like technology, to move around. They may have formed spontaneously, like Boltzmann Brains, or "evolved" through generations of universe-splitting events. It may even be possible to communicate with a few of the most intelligent cellverses.

Type III

Type III mobile -verses, sometimes called launchverses, are propelled not by themselves but by a civilization or Cosmic Entity living inside them. They can often be used as mobile bases of operations; a multiverse or megaverse that can move around is capable of storing massive, possibly infinite, quantities of spacecraft, raw materials, and living space.