Metempiric Space is a term, often used interchangeably with Metempiric Void or the Metempiric Darkness, for the nonphysical "position" of all extra-cosmological elements not belonging to an altarca.

Metempiric Space, not being connected to any cosmology proper, is devoid of essentially all properties that would otherwise identify something as belonging to one. It has no extent or boundaries, as these would define the limitations of a smaller -verse; similarly, it has no classifiable dimensionality, as having a number of dimensions - even zero - would define an object well enough to be categorized further. Metempiric Space has no contents unless forcibly intruded upon by some other extra-cosmological element; in fact, whether it exists in a meaningful sense at all is disputed.

Certain entities, like Ignotum reside safely in Metempiric Space, their omnipotent natures overriding the ontological problems arising from the area's non-properties. At some locations within the Box, the borders between cosmology and non-cosmology are blurred, allowing Metempiric Space to hold some semblance of connection to a more concrete idea of reality and even allow for the existence of non-omnipotent life.

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