The Laws of Cosmology are laws that apply to cosmologies as a whole or to the design or cosmologies as a creative activity as it is done on this wiki.

These are not intended to be laws in the sense of legislation that forces people to act in a certain way. Instead they are laws in the sense that they describe the way things are.

The current laws that have been defined are the following:

  • The Law of Cosmological Subjectivity - This law just states that there is no single common cosmology. Cosmologies are subjective and, therefore, any can exist or all can exist at the same time. (This is also just another way of saying: Be nice and let everybody else have their own fun!)
  • Law of Box Equivalency - This law states that no matter how hard one tries to create a new structure that is above the Box, one will just end up with a structure that is just equivalent to it.
  • As Above so Below - This law states that whatever is defined to exist at a certain level in a cosmology could also be as easily defined to exist at any other level above or below the first one. (This is also just another way of saying there is no need to repeat all the same examples for every level of a cosmology!)
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