The Kalyubi Dimension is a mirror "space", parallel to Transcendentem where entities that are banished from existence, or amalgamations from negative energy, are present. One of these entities is Kotoblade.


If any form of being or entity is banished from existence by a god or an entity with high authority, they are present here. Entities that are present in the Kalyubi Dimension can learn to use Koto to make deals with mortal beings from -verses to attempt to try and connect their world with ours. This has been done before, however, these Kalyubi entities have periodically been deleted from existence by very powerful gods, such as Creator. Kotoblade is currently trying to escape from the Kalyubi Dimension, though there are not enough fearless mortals to make deals with him, as most of them have heard of his crimes from his victims.

The internal structure of the Kalyubi Dimension is exactly like ours, except colorless with a blue hue, and there are no -verse types except Numbverses.

The Kalyubi Dimension is also extremely unstable, and existence is relative within it, meaning that entities that go there automatically are able to transcend "reality" as we know it. Kotoblade intends to merge countless amounts of -verses and monocosms with the Kalyubi Dimension to prolong his and the dimension's existence.

Creation/Eventual Destruction

The Kalyubi Dimension was created by a random group of Aspect Lords when the Transcendentem Continuum was created in the same moment, and since then, it has been used by top level deities to punish those that they deem fit, and since then, the dimension has been growing more and more unstable, to which at any point, it can undergo a Total Reality Collapse.

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