The Idea Breakers (or Breakers) are a plague of reality-consuming Planck length-scale autonomous entities that feed on -verses for the infinite quantity of resources they contain. While a single Breaker is only a threat for universes and multiverses, as they group together, they become more powerful, well past the point of most cosmic entities and gods.


A Mad God ruling over a long-forgotten Gigaverse predating The Great Occult War, originally created the Breakers for thereputic purposes to help subside some of his insanity. But in the long term they ended up worsening his mentsl state, and the Mad God later repurposed them as a means of punishing those who attempted to challenge him. He was eaten by his own creations shortly after this, as they had enough of serving under him and wanted to be free. They now roam the infinite void of the space between -verses, having escaped all external control over them.

Powers and Abilities

Each Idea Breaker is equipped with a hyper-powerful conversion device that essentially lets it eat concepts to power its internal systems. Individually, this power is limited to physical objects, on the scale of galaxies and superclusters, as well as simple constants like gravity and distance (the former letting them adjust mass, and the latter letting them teleport). As more conversion devices are brought into close proximity (like in a swarm), they become more effective at handling abstracts. A large enough group can consume the idea of finite numbers, and thus become infinite in size; or they can consume the idea of a certain spacial or temporal dimension; or, as is usually the case, the idea of a -verse. The only structures beyond their reach are those that are neither physical nor abstract; things like the Box vastly overwhelm even the largest Breaker swarms.

However, this power is functionally equivalent to omnipotence, as they can consume the idea of limitations. The sum total of every Idea Breaker would thus be a perfect stalemate against Creator if it were not for the fact that the Idea Breakers were limited to the Omniverse.

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