Hyperman is a nigh-omnipotent entity who serves as the third "god" of The Barrel. Although he's technically not officially considered a monocosmic god in the traditional sense, since he is not of the same species as Creator and Destroyer. Hyperman is in fact an ascended mortal, who had risen to power in The Omniverse until eventually gaining the power to rival Destroyer. Hyperman now acts as a mediator between Creator and Destroyer, serving as a buffer to prevent the two gods from coming to blows. He also works to ensure that the balance of power within the Omniverse remains stable and fair.


Hyperman is an immensely powerful being who hailed from the Year 56233 AD in an alternate Universe, in which science had advanced so rapidly that time travel was already invented in 456 BC. His natural powers came from him being a descendant of the creator of his native Universe.

Over time, Hyperman's power gradually began to grow, until he eventually surpassed linear time and space entirely. At this point, he continued to grow ever more powerful until not only did he hold dominion over all of the Omniverse but he was able to travel beyond it. Hyperman then proceeded to create his own Godverse outside the Omniverse. After this, he chose to permanently exit the Omniverse and leave it completely alone, for reasons unknown...

Beyond these scant few details, barely anything is known for certain about Hyperman beyond rumors and conjecture.

Powers and Abilities

The powers of Hyperman are very immense, as he has every possible power within The Omniverse to an unlimited degree (within the Omniverse). This effectively grants Hyperman Nigh-Omnipotence, allowing him to keep up with Destroyer. How exactly Hyperman was able to obtain such abilities is unknown, but it is speculated that he may have somehow utilized Alom.

Additional Information

Many within the Omniverse suspect Hyperman to be the creator of The Mevalkagna, as he was the only one with both the ability and reason to do so. It is theorized that once Hyperman finally gained Nigh-Omnipotence, he saw for the first time the devastation and oppression caused by beings as powerful as himself within the Omniverse. Thus he created The Mevalkagna to ensure no others rose to power. This would not only explain the existence of The Mevalkagna but also why Hyperman did not meddle in Omniversal affairs after escaping it despite being easily capable of doing so. However, there is no proof of this.

An alternate version of Hyperman from a different Monocosm entirely was able to overpower and kill both Creator and Destroyer by teaming up with this Monocosm's version of the Eternal Legion. From there, he was able to create an empire containing an infinite number of Omniverses, however, he was erased by The Supergod Council as he was only able to achieve such feats due to the corruption within his Monocosm. Hyperman attempted to avoid his fate by tapping into the powers of Unthil. However, this failed as Unthil's Omniscient knowledge completely overwhelmed Hyperman's mind and caused his consciousness to fall into nonexistence.

The broken mind of this alternate version of Hyperman would eventually merge with part of the External Hazard to create Venrensorys.

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