Hyperman is an immensely powerful being hailing from the Year 56233 A.D. on an alternate Earth where science advanced so rapidly that time travel was invented in the year 456 B.C. His powers came from him being a descendant of the Creator of that Universe meaning that Hyperman is naturally meta-human.


The powers of Hyperman are too immense to be contained within this article as he has every power to an unlimited degree. The Hyperman is so strong that he was capable of splitting the Omniverse in half as if it were butter. His speed can vary from faster than light to being practically nigh omnipresent in speed. He is in fact so fast that he was able to move from one end of the omniverse to the other in less than a Planck instant, meaning that he effectively broke time itself. Hyperman is durable enough to survive literally anything from bullets to entire cosmological structures collapsing, though this is limited, since Hyperman cannot survive a total reality collapse above Omniversal scale.

He also has the ability to fly so fast that he can open trans dimensional portals to any part of reality or the outside of reality itself. Other more obscure powers include matter manipulation on the sub quantum pixel scale allowing him to control all of reality with a single thought. Hyperman has abilities to the extent to the point where he placed in the same tier as, and is able to keep up with Destroyer.

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