The Hexagon Lords are the six hyper-powerful and mysterious beings residing within The Folded Cascade. They normally disguise themselves as humans and live normal lives among the Cascade's population, but in the event of an emergency like an invasion or a disaster they are the strongest beings capable and willing to respond.

Very little is known about the Hexagon Lords' actual identities. What is understood is that each one possesses multiverse- or megaverse-scale control of two aspects of reality: the known aspects have been identified as Matter, Energy, Space, Time, Thought, and Nullification. Thus:

  • the first Hexagon Lord has Matter/Energy aspects
  • the second has Energy/Space aspects
  • the third has Space/Time aspects
  • the fourth has Time/Thought aspects
  • the fifth has Thought/Nullification aspects
  • the sixth has Nullification/Matter aspects

None of the Hexagon Lords overpower or dominate the others; they are all roughly equal, with one of them (which one is unknown) being a sort of unofficial leader.

At their full capabilities, they can only be beaten by the greatest and oldest of eldritch abominations, extrauniversal deities, or God himself.

Hexagon lord insignia

Their Insignia.

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