Guardians are a series of around 1 octillion powerful A.I programs put into powerful super-mechanical bodies within The Hospice who enforce peace throughout it. Guardians weren't the invention of The Hospice, though, they were originally created by The Eternal Imperium.


The appearance of a Guardian can vary, though, there are a few key features that stand out, such as having a monitor as a face to display simulations, or even real things to their targets, and transmitters that allow them to work with other guardians simultaneously preventing conflict between them.


Guardians have blasters in their hands which can emit a blast which can blow away an entire spiral arm in one shot at maximum capability.

A major weakness many guardians have is their weight, which, in a ground fight, they can be pushed over and not be able to get up unless manually redirected.

Guardians can also be used as servants to more powerful entities within The Hospice, but most guardian-owning entities treat them fairly.


Currently, the guardians sent out by The Great Cosmic Republic have been successfully trying to prevent the path of Terminus from reaching The Hospice, which would infect the networks of the most powerful civilizations in it, destroying every Universe in it, due to most of the universes being artificially modified, being completely vulnerable to the offense of Terminus.

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