The electron god is a universe-tier cosmic entity resulting from an experiment in reversing the powers of entities by a much higher entity. The initial plan was to use a complicated ontological machine, built mostly outside of the archverse, to naturally ascend a modosophont to godhood, and incarnate a god in the body of a mortal. However, when activated, the machine instead ascended a single electron to godhood and incarnated the god as a single particle.

In the resulting restructuring of the universe by the electron god, the god particle was immediately destroyed; an infinite number of backups remained in the ontological machinery, and inspecting revealed troubling information about the nature of the monocosm it resided in.

Presently, the electron god is working to cool down its universe through various means; both overt dissipation of energy and more subtle cooling based around information theory and metaphysics. Direct communication with the electron god is impossible because it is either unable or unwilling to recieve transmissions from outside its universe.

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