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The edge length of a shape is the total length of all of the shape's edges. It can be considered to be the total extent of all of the shape's 1-subfacets in 1-dimensional space. The edge length of a polytelon is called its length. The edge length of a polygon is called its perimeter.

An edge length has dimensions of [length].

Edge Length Formulae


Shape Length Formula Variables
Line segment a = edge length
Circle d = diameter of circle


Shape Length Formula Variables
Square a, b = edge length
Disk d = diameter of disk
Regular P-Gon p = number of edges, a = edge length
Regular P/Q-Gon p = number of edges, a = edge length
Tube d = diameter of disk


Shape Length Formula Variables
Cube a, b, c = edge lengths
Cylinder d = diameter of disk
Tetrahedron a = edge length
Octahedron a = edge length
Dodecahedron a = edge length
Icosahedron a = edge length
Regular P,Q-hedron a = edge length

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