Destroyer is the bringer of all destruction and evil in the Omniverse. Destroyer stands as the opposite to Creator.


Destroyer and Creator clashing could potentially take out the Omniverse and the two Godverses orbiting around it, even Beyond Realm, scaling from the events from which The Divine Ground took place.


Destroyer possesses near equal power to Creator. For reasons unknown, Destroyer does not level up to Creator. Despite this, Destroyer is able to control much of the Omniverse. Realities and structures, even the strongest Megaversal-tier entities can be annihilated in their entirety at the hands of Destroyer.

Destroyer is limited, however, by Creator undoing much of the damage caused by Destroyer, but it only does this when Creator sees this as necessary. This evenly-matched power would make sense, as both Creator and Destroyer are formed from the same substance, known as Alom.

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