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Destroyer is an extremely powerful primordial entity who exists beyond the Omniverse. Her primary purpose is to counter-balance Creator by destroying aspects of the Omniverse over time to ensure the Omniverse does not grow too large.

While Destroyer is generally thought of as nothing but a force of pure evil and malice working to undo all of the supposed perfect good of Creator, this is not the case. Destroyer simply exists to act as a counter-balance to Creator. It is likely that if Creator were left to his own devices, he would create so much content that the Omniverse would grow too large to properly function. Destroyer simply destroys to negate this effect and ensure The Barrel remains stable. In fact, Destroyer has nothing but respect and support for Creator, whom she considers a 'good friend'. This sentiment is not shared by Creator.


Destroyer's life and existence revolves around causing destruction. She is mentally programmed to find more enjoyment in destruction than anything else in existence, thus ensuring that she does her job properly. Although, Destroyer doesn't really consider her divine duties to be 'jobs'. Destroyer just likes to have fun and the most fun thing for her to do is destroy. She doesn't worry much about the stability of the Omniverse and often finds that if she just does whatever she wants, things will turn out fine. On the rare occasions where things do not turn out fine and she is forced into action, she will often find it quite difficult to focus on whatever task she needs to do.

Destroyer is generally very relaxed, outgoing and friendly when speaking with fellow gods such as Creator. Despite her violent actions towards mortals, Destroyer is nothing but friendly to Creator, seeing him as a good friend and attempting to make him happy whenever she can. Destroyer never takes offense to Creator's many, many outbursts against her and is generally very quick to forgive him, though she doesn't see why he gets so worked up over her destroying the 'junk' he throws into the Omniverse. While Destroyer never gets annoyed at Creator's constant demands to 'never touch the Omniverse again', she doesn't exactly take them to heart and often blatantly ignores Creator's requests before then being confused at why exactly he's mad at her.

Destroyer has absolutely no regard for mortals whatsoever. As far as she is concerned, they are silly little balls of matter who run around and scream in funny ways when you set them on fire. Quite contrary to her kind-hearted nature when speaking to gods, she is more than happy to make any number of mortals suffer if it happens to amuse her at the time. This distinction between mortals and gods in Destroyer's mind is interesting, as one could argue she acts far more similar to regular mortals than to Creator. Hyperman in particular believes that Destroyer's opinions towards mortals are completely irrational and she only sees them as valueless creatures because she knows nothing about them. Hyperman has on many occasions attempted to convince Destroyer to spend more time around mortals to potentially correct her view of them. Quite how successful these attempts have been questionable.

Powers and Abilities

Destroyer possesses a wide range of powers and abilities collectively referred to as 'Omnipotence^1'. Omnipotence^1 gives Destroyer the physical strength to destroy Omniverses and Godverses, along with the strength to battle entities such as Creator and Hyperman. (Although Destroyer is substantially weaker than Creator.) This can manifest not just in physical strength but also in terms of many varied physical, mental, energy-based, spatial, temporal, and ethereal techniques. Omnipotence^1 also allows Destroyer to easily manipulate reality on levels lower than her own, such as those of metric Archverses. Destroyer is also capable of thinking at metaspeeds far beyond those of any entity within the Omniverse, and also beyond the concept of time itself. Along with this, Destroyer also possesses Omniscience^1, giving her a wealth of knowledge about events and locations within the Omniverse.

There is a common misconception however among those in the Omniverse who know of Destroyer that his Omnipotence^1 makes her unstoppable or infallible. This is not the case. Destroyer has a wide range of incredible powers as described above, but it is still up to her to use these powers correctly and if she fails to do this, it is easily possible for her to falter. This is also true of Omniscience^1. Despite what the name implies, it does not actually give Destroyer awareness of every single fact about the Omniverse, instead it only gives her raw knowledge. Making connections based on this knowledge to infer the intentions of creatures or predicting how events will unfold is something Destroyer is no better at than any other entity.


Destroyer's existence began as a consciousness without a body floating in an empty void beyond time and space. At first, Destroyer could do nothing but think, until suddenly a bright red light appeared and constructed a body for her around her consciousness. The red light then took the form of a person beyond Destroyer's comprehension. He spoke with a soft voice, calmly welcoming Destroyer into existence and informing her that she would play a vital role in stabilizing the world that would soon be created around her. The red light explained that soon, a brilliant and sprawling 'Omniverse' full of life and wonder would be created in this void, and another being known as 'Creator' would be created along with it. Over time, this brilliant world would grow and grow, and Creator would aid that growth, creating new aspects along with the natural ones. But the red light explained that Creator would likely create too much, and if his creation were left unchecked the Omniverse would likely become too large to function. As such, it was her job as Balancer to balance Creator's creation by destroying parts of the Omniverse, thus keeping its growth at a more stable pace. The red light then calmly asked is she had any questions.

Immediately, Destroyer asked "Why 'Balancer'?" Taken aback, the red light slowly began to say "That's, um... your name...". Destroyer shook her extra-dimensional head and said no, Destroyer sounds like a much better name. She liked 'Destroyer'. Not sure exactly what to say, the red slight slowly conveyed that if Destroyer was what she wanted then Destroyer it is. So he continued, as Destroyer, her job would be to destroy enough of the Omniverse's contents to keep its growth stable. He then began to explain that Destroyer had a large number of abilities at her disposal (collectively referred to as Omnipotence^1) that allows her to destroy anything and everything she would need to destroy. But before the red light could finish, he was interrupted by a massive green light exploding behind them before quickly vanishing, leaving nothing but a small singularity in its place. This singularity quickly began to rapidly expand, and Destroyer assumed this must be the 'Omniverse' thing the red light was talking about. She quickly thanked the red light for the explanation before heading in the direction of the Omniverse. The light asked her to wait, saying he had a whole list of explanations ready to help her get used to how to use her powers and what to do with mortals and so much more, but Destroyer was sure she could learn the ropes for herself. The light seemingly didn't want to force Destroyer to return, and appearing to be almost disappointed with himself, vanished into thin air. (Or lack of air, as this void was beyond all space and time.)

Immediately, Destroyer found a large civilization having already formed within the Omniverse; likely one of the first, and decided to set it on fire. Many parts of the civilization were beyond the concept of fire but Destroyer was easily able to use her Omnipotence^1 powers to create many different versions of 'fire', each adapted to burn the Archverse in question. Destroyer began to move on to other parts of the Omniverse, finding more and more entity and civilizations to destroy in a variety of different ways. Eventually, Destroyer found some structures that seemed far more intricate and complex than the first few, fairly plain, structures and civilizations she had discovered. But as soon as she attempted to destroy them, she felt the approaching presence of a god even stronger than herself. As soon as the god appeared and saw what Destroyer was doing, they immediately attacked Destroyer with all their strength. Destroyer was taken aback and immediately formed a protective barrier to block the barrage of attacks, but did not fight back, instead attempting to convince the deity to calm down. Unfortunately, this god was slightly more powerful than Destroyer and was soon able to destroy the barrier and seriously injure her, knocking her out of the Omniverse.

Destroyer was followed into The Outside by the being, who immediately began a long and pretentious speech about how he had been given some divine duty from a far stronger god to create parts of the Omniverse. Destroyer suddenly realized this person must be the 'Creator' that the red light had informed her about, and he must have also been visited by the same red light as her. She chirpily introduced herself to Creator, explaining how she had been tasked with throwing a little destruction into the mix because he may create too much. Creator didn't seem to care about Destroyer's task and insisted that either way, she was destroying his 'hard work'. Destroyer laughed and asked if he really cared about that space junk so much. This seemed to provoke Creator, who readied an extremely powerful attack, before instead deciding to ask her about the mortals she killed. Destroyer was surprised this was even a question; they were just mortals. Did it really matter what happened to them? Destroyer assumed that surely Creator would agree that it was funny to see them all running around on fire? Creator then insisted that if Destroyer just wanted to have fun, she should create her own Omniverse so it wouldn't get in the way of his work. Destroyer happily agreed and began constructing an Omniverse of her own, which she called a 'Godverse'.

In time (for lack of a better term), Destroyer would realize that she couldn't get quite the same enjoyment out of creating things to destroy inside her own Godverse as she would from destroying existing things within the Omniverse. So, despite Creator's constant warnings not to, Destroyer would often continue to enter the Omniverse and wreak havoc. Destroyer wanted to make Creator happy, but she didn't see why she should have to stay away from the Omniverse just for his benefit when the red light had told her she needed to keep it balanced. Especially since she didn't really understand why Creaor had such a problem with her destroying his space junk anyway. Still, she tried to keep her distance... when she wasn't bored, at least.