Creator is an extremely powerful primordial entity who exists beyond and rules over the Omniverse. His primary purpose is to create new aspects of the Omniverse as it grows over time and ensure this growth does not slow or cause the Omniverse to collapse in on itself. Creator also spends much of his time attempting to prevent and undo the destruction of his fellow god, Destroyer.

While Creator is generally considered to be the most powerful entity within The Barrel and often revered by the inhabitants of the Omniverse as an all-knowing, all-powerful god, Creator is far from perfect and often struggles to keep the Omniverse under control. Creator generally creates far more content than is healthy and it is likely that without Destroyer to counter-balance him, the Omniverse would literally be too large to properly function. For this reason, despite Creator's annoyance at Destroyer's constant interference, he attempts to tolerate her presence as he understands that if left to his own devices, The Barrel would likely become unstable.


Creator's life and existence revolve almost entirely on the creation of new content within the Omniverse. The creation of almost anything is what Creator lives to do and what Creator enjoys doing most. As such, Creator takes his job extremely seriously, spending absurd amounts of time crafting and perfecting every single detail of his creations and never taking any form of 'breaks' from his job, which he values as his only purpose in life.

Creator is consistently annoyed by Destroyer's constant defacing of his creations. He does not understand how Destroyer could not possibly see the beauty in them and is extremely offended by how she treats them like 'space debris'. He is also annoyed by her blatant refusal to take her job seriously and her constant attempts to "make Creator happy" by forcing him to "have fun", when really the only 'fun' Creator has is making new content to place in the Omniverse. There can be no doubt that Creator would be far happier if Destroyer were removed entirely, but he understands that her actions are necessary to the balance of The Barrel.

Creator treats mortals with a high level of care; as far as he is aware, he invented the concept of mortals in the first place. Creator is, in a way, Omnibenevolent, being concerned with the well-being of every mortal creature. However, this benevolence does not necessarily equate to respect. Creator, due to his unfathomable power and intelligence, believes himself to be a 'superior being' to mortals and does not treat them as 'people' in the same way he and Destroyer are 'people'. Creator generally struggles with the idea that mortals are truly capable of thinking for themselves and making good decisions, and so often becomes over-protective of what he perceives as effectively a group of 'children' that will never mature. He certainly does not take mortal opinions into account when making decisions.

Powers and Abilities

Creator possesses a wide range of powers and abilities collectively referred to as 'Omnipotence^1'. Omnipotence^1 gives Creator the physical strength to create and destroy Omniverses and Godverses, along with the strength to battle entities such as Destroyer and Hyperman. This can manifest not just in physical strength but also in terms of many varied physical, mental, energy-based, spatial, temporal, and ethereal techniques. Omnipotence^1 also allows Creator to easily manipulate reality on levels lower than his own, such as those of metric Archverses. Creator is also capable of thinking of metaspeeds far beyond those of any entity within the Omniverse, and also beyond the concept of time itself. Along with this, Creator also possesses Omniscience^1, giving him a wealth of knowledge about events and locations within the Omniverse.

There is a common misconception however amongst those in the Omniverse who know of Creator that his Omnipotence^1 makes him unstoppable or infallible. This is not the case. Creator has a wide range of incredible powers as described above, but it is still up to him to use these powers correctly and if he fails to do this, it is easily possible for him to falter. This is also true of Omniscience^1. Despite what the name implies, it does not actually give Creator awareness of every single fact about the Omniverse, instead, it only gives him raw knowledge. Making connections based on this knowledge to infer the intentions of creatures or predicting how events will unfold is something Creator is no better at than any other entity.


Creator's existence began as a consciousness floating in a strange void. Beyond space, time, and reality alike, Creator could do nothing but think, until suddenly he was enveloped in a blinding white light as an ethereal body began to form around him. Once his body had formed, the white light too took the form of a being, but this deity was far beyond even Creator's comprehension. The white light immediately began to project ideas into his head which, in human terms, resembled the sentence "You are the Creator of your Monocosm. Your job is to create content for the Omniverse and ensure its stability. Don't let Destroyer get in your way." Immediately, Creator's head was flooded with questions. What's a 'Monocosm'? What's an 'Omniverse'? What 'content' is he supposed to create? Who is 'Destroyer'? The white light seemed almost irritated at his confusion, as if he could somehow be expected to understand everything he was told. The white light explained, with great annoyance, that Creator was born for the specific purpose of, as his name implies, creating things, and he has a large number of abilities at his disposal (collectively referred to as 'Omnipotence^1') that allows him to create anything and everything he would need to create. Creator understood this much, and believed it made sense; as soon as he was told his purpose his mind immediately began to be filled with ideas of beautiful structures which he could later create.

Creator then asked about the previously mentioned 'Omniverse' thing. The white light paused, seemingly not wanting to discuss whatever this 'Omniverse' was, before eventually giving in as a massive green light exploded behind Creator before quickly vanishing, leaving nothing but a small singularity in its place. The white light began to explain (with what could be described as an ethereal form of exasperation) that the singularity was known as the "Core of the Omniverse". Within it was a blueprint for a structure known as 'The Omniverse' and with every passing instant of metatime it would output a copy of this 'Omniverse'. The Omniverse was uncountably infinitely large, and so doubling, tripling, or in any way increasing the Omniverse's size would not truly make it any larger, and as such the Omniverse grew by having constant clones of itself added to itself from the Core of the Omniverse, which rested at its center. The problem, as the white light put it, was that this 'Omniversal Blueprint' was "utterly horrible" and "made by an idiot with an Ultraverse for a brain". Supposedly, if the Omniverse were left to grow unchecked, it would become extremely dull and lifeless, and so Creator's job was to constantly Create new content for the Omniverse to co-exist along with what was already being generated.

While many would be disheartened by such an existence, Creator could not imagine a more preferable state. He wished to do nothing but create, over and over, and now he was able to do so with purpose. The white light once again seemed annoyed to hear this and informed Creator that obviously he felt like that, that's how he was made to feel. And with that, the white light vanished, leaving Creator alone in the void with nothing but the rapidly expanding Omniverse.

Immediately, Creator began rapidly adding things to the Omniverse, at an even faster rate than it was already expanding. As Creator quickly found out, he was an extremely powerful and agile being and would be able to spend what could be perceived as an eternity focusing on the details of a single particle in what was less than no time at all to the entities Creator created. For a while, Creator simply existed, crafting his structures with incredible precision. However, eventually, Creator began to sense that many of his structures were being rapidly erased. Horrified, Creator traveled to a different section of the Omniverse and found a unique being comparable in strength to himself, wreaking havoc across the Omniverse. It was destroying whole Archverses and civilizations left and right in an infinite number of viciously cruel ways all while laughing maniacally. Without hesitation, Creator immediately attacked the beast with all his strength. The beast was taken aback and immediately formed a protective barrier to block the barrage of attacks, but did not fight back, instead of attempting to tell Creator to 'just calm down!' Fortunately, Creator was slightly more powerful than the entity and was soon able to destroy the barrier and seriously injure it, knocking it out of the Omniverse.

Creator followed her into The Outside where he told her that he didn't know who she was or what she wanted, but he had been contacted by a god from beyond this realm and tasked with nurturing the Omniverse, and Creator would not hesitate to erase the entity if her chaos and destruction posed a threat to this mission again. The being's eyes (or extra-dimensional equivalent of eyes) lit up as she said, in terms so simple even humans could probably comprehend, "You must be that 'Creator' the shiny light told me about!" The entity chirpily introduced herself as 'Destroyer' and said she had been tasked with "throwing a little destruction into the mix" because Creator "might create too much". Creator could not help but get the impression they had been visited by two very different entities. Creator said he didn't care about Destroyer's task; she was wrongfully destroying his hard work. Destroyer laughed and asked if he really cared about that 'space junk' so much. Creator wanted nothing more than to attack Destroyer a second time but instead remained calm and asked what of all the innocent mortals Destroyer had murdered. Destroyer seemed confused at this idea; they were just mortals. Did it really matter what happened to them? Destroyer assumed that surely Creator would agree that it was funny to see them all running around on fire? Furious, Creator insisted that if Destroyer wanted nothing more than mindless fun, she should create her own Omniverse instead of ruining his. To his surprise, Destroyer happily accepted and began construction what she called a 'Godverse', while Creator attempted to repair the damage she had done to the Omniverse.

In time (for lack of a better term), Creator would realize that attempting to keep Destroyer away from the Omniverse permanently was impossible, as she would always eventually return to cause more damage. When this damage was particularly severe, the thought of using his superior power to murder Destroyer did cross his mind, however, Creator struggled to truly entertain the thought when he saw just how kind Destroyer attempted to be. She clearly meant well, and Creator could never bring himself to cause any more harm to her. (It also did not help that she never physically recovered from Creator's initial attacks, leaving him with a permanent guilty reminder of his violent actions.) Nevertheless, Creator became so annoyed by constantly adding things to the Omniverse only to have them destroyed that he decided it would be best to first test his ideas in a safe and controlled environment. Therefore, he created a 'Godverse' of his own for this purpose.

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